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Of Things Seen & Unseen


The Church Within Records


The 2014 release of the album 'Of Things Seen & Unseen' marks a new beginning for Serpent Venom.
Conceived in 2008, Serpent Venom, hailing from London and Hertfordshire, brought their brand of 70's tinged, traditional heavy doom to a wide audience across the UK, receiving high praise for debut album 'Carnal Altar' and their live shows. Upon the departure of Pete Fox, Serpent Venom enlisted guitarist Roland Scriver, (Sloth, End of Level Boss) and toured hard across the British Isles and Europe. With a ferocious live presence and thunderous volume, the band continued to cement their reputation as a live act playing with the likes of Trouble, Pentagram, Conan, Black Magician, Goatess and Bast, all whilst honing the riffs for the second album.

'Of Things Seen & Unseen' was recorded at Skyhammer Studio in October 2013 with Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Conan, Capricorns, Taint, Coltsblood, Bast) at the helm. It is the first recording to feature guitarist Roland Scriver and marks a song writing approach that came straight out of the jam room and involved the whole band.

The CD will be out in two different version: Standard high quality 8 pages CD-Wallet + Hardcoverbook in slipcase with paintings to each song!


1. The Penance You Pay
2. Sorrow's Bastard
3. Death Throes At Dawn
4. The Lords Of Life
5. I Awake
6. Let Them Starve
7. Pilgrims Of The Sun
8. Burning Free


Garry Ricketts - Vocals
Paul Sutherland - Drums
Roland Scriver - Lead Guitar
Nick Davies - Bass

the hard side of life
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