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Primordial arose in the early month of ´92 from the ashes of Forsaken who were around in one form or another since ´89, but due to internal problems split in ´92. Their only demo "Dark Romanticm" found it´s way to Cacophonous Records who released their debut CD "Imrama". Again Primordial received a lot of attention for this and left Cacophonous to join the ranks of Misanthropy Records. A split 10" with Sweden´s Katatonia was Primordial´s first release on their new label.

During this period, the band has played live often and up to now have had very successful shows. In early ´98 Primordial were finally ready to record their second album "A Journey´s End" and went to Academy Studios to lay down seven tracks full of emotional metal. With this release Primordial have injected more intensity into their music, their concepts and musical strutures. Each song is a product of individuals dedicated to following their own ideals. Every moment is profound with their emotions enchanced by the power of their own enchanting sound. Primordial don´t consider themselves as black metal, Celtic or pagan, they are simply Primordial.

Tracklist: Spirit the Earth Aflame, Gods to the Godless, The Soul Must Sleep, The Burning Season, Glorious Dawn, The Cruel Sea, Children of the Harvest, To Enter Pagan (Bonus-track)

P. MacGawlaigh: Bass/bodhran
S. O´Laoighre: Drums/percusion/bodhran
C. MacUiliam: Guitar/mandolin/whistle
A. Nemtheanga Averill: Voices

the hard side of life
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