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Calamity Circus
General Chaos


Cyclone Empire


Sounds like an open casket filled with death, rock and metal

This band, GENERAL CHAOS, is a new beginning for some skilled metal side kicks. Reinventing the steel, baby! They carry the fundamentals of metal deep inside themselves. We have Hendrik Bache and Flo Mueller crossing the guitar necks, who played for the German thrash authority Dew-Scented for ages. But a band can hardly exist by only two guitarists. Beating the shit out of his drums is Antek, well known from Such a Surge and Revolver, from where he directly aquired bass player Henrik who is responsible for the low end groove. Making GENERAL CHAOS the perfect five piece is singer Ercumentfrom Tephra. He does not have to play the guitar and sing like in his other band, but can focus on the vocals only making his voice sound even better! Our reckless deathrock A-Team (previously known as NEMESIS LOVECULT) has laid their tracks on tape at Maarweg Studio2 in Cologne,Germany, and later mastered them in France giving them everything a modern metal record gotta have: Heart and soul, brain and guts, hate and above all: Balls! Rumbling heavily between Swedish death`n`roll and the groove of Pantera`s New Orleans style metal, it`s a pure delight! In between here are some almost melancholic melodies sneaking in, but only till the next break! Mostly Calamity Circus is pedal-to-the-medal-tear-down-the-house style but always with a smile on the face! There are more than enough metal wankers who seem to go down to the basement for a laugh! The general is after these guys with a ten-to hammer!


1. Speech
2. Black Belt
3. Second To None
4. Trailer
5. Screen Berets
6. Kingsize Overdose
7. Calamity Circle
8. Swedeheart
9. Incessantly
10. Powder Monkey
11. Black As Disease


Ercument Kasalar - Gesang
Hendrik Bache - Gitarre
Flo Müller - Gitarre
Henrik Schwaninger - Bass
Antek - Drums

the hard side of life
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