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Black Flame


Regain Records / Soulfood
11.07.2008 (GER)


BLACK FLAME : M M V I I I - Celebrating 10 Years

An intense Will to Power.

There are no other sentences to give a solid definition to the intense work that a Band has to carry out for 10 Years. A struggling and bleeding mind-storming experience, a run to soul's limits and expression. This is not a final target for the Band, which must be seen as a creature in a constant evolution to its primary and originary forces and meanings. The balance of the three elements and its unique expression is like a continous and whirlwind journey, that will last until its meanings will have the necessary strenght. Black Flame are the Black Svn Theory, an example
of how darkness can be proud of itself and bright. Black Flame are the Apocalyptic Zero, the endless starting point of its own power. For You, the loyal listener or the curious first-timer, this should be the reason why to feel attracted by this Band. A Band that never changes its own meanings, a Band that is never tired to be what is. A Band that plays for simple expression.

More Years are here to come.


1. Requiem
2. Imperivm
3. Ad Inferna
4. Ludus Dianae
5. The Other Face Ov Hell
6. Black Sun Theory
7. Apocalyptic Zero
8. The Secret Ov Lapis Manalis

the hard side of life
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