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When The End Comes


Thundering Records / Manitou Music / Twilight
March 2008


Combining pure Thrash riffs to Hardcore efficiency, LOKURAH kicks an uncompromising and brutal music gathering influences from MACHINE HEAD, HATEBREED or SLAYER.

The band gains a solid experience by playing live with reference bands of the Metal and Hardcore scene like THE ARRS, H-TRAY, KEVORKIA, DSK, ARKANGEL, AGE OF RUIN, SURGE OF FURY, L'ESPRIT DU CLAN...

The 3 tracks MCD "LOKURAH_Ep" release in 2005 and some apparitions on the "(1D)Rockables" and Overcome compilations allow LOKURAH to get some positive reactions from the press and numerous aiplays on radio shows, thus confirming their yet promising band status.

LOKURAH then decides to trust in CONKRETE STUDIO (JENX, WARATTAH, OTARGOS, INSIDE CONFLICT) for the realisation of their first LP entitled "When the End Comes", confident in getting a solid and powerful production.

The lineup then completes with a new bass player, Jiu (ex NO-RETURN), in Jan. 2007. LOKURAH persevere in its brutal Metal/Hardcore style allowing them to be granted as one the best international acts of the genre.

Finally, LOKURAH inks a European-wide license deal with Pervade/Thundering in the end of 2007. The first LP "When the End Comes" will be released in March 2008.


1. My own death
2. Salvation
3. When the end comes
4. Cadaver 9
5. Rotten core
6. The right hand of chaos
7. The ripper
8. The only way...
9. Face tomorrow
10. Guilty
11. Crash

the hard side of life
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