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Legacy Of Hatred


Thundering Records / Manitou / Twilight
November 2007


Since their debut, four years ago, Ashura has invested French and European scenes, promoting and presenting their Death metal : Raging death metal. The style forged by the band relies on a Us Death metal basis to wich Ashura graft elements from Thrash Metal, Scandinavian Death Metal as well as some Hardcore new school touch powering up the music practised by the combo.

The band live performances are thus overflowing with communicative energy, alterning brutal and extreme passages and some more melodic parts. But it's with the frequent use of mosh part and mid tempo that the group shows all its power and heaviness. Ashura's influences could be briefly defined by a crossing between : Morbid Angel, old Metallica, The Haunted, Pantera, Nostromo, Death, Hatebreed.

But exact as this may be, this particular mix is not able to define precisely the group "Raging death". With their first album "At the dawn of your deterioration", well noticed by specialized press (Metallian, Hard'n'Heavy, Rock Hard, Legacy... ), the most visited webzines and European underground, Ashura went to promote their music all across Europe; A serious opportunity as Ashura had the honour,, to be the oppening act for one of the best death metal band in the whole world: Vital Remains. This Vitality Brutal european tour helped considerably Ashura in forging a solid experience on bigger stages and very correctly diffusing the band's name and reputation beyond national borders.

During the first half of 2006, Ashura kept promoting their first album wich was out on September on Thundering Records. Ashura also had the opportunity and honour to open for Entombed and Dismember at a famous French fest.

The second album is awaited on the beginning of 2007. This new opus, without ressembling its predecessor, will confirm the music of the band in a darker and more violent way. The news songs will be shorter, more intense, direct, while remaining similar to the spirit developed on "At the dawn of your deterioration". This will be composed by 12 titles some of which are already interpreted on stage. Most of these songs were composed for the pit ! First reviews are awesome, Ashura is compared to mighty Morbid Angel, Immolation,...

Come discover Ashura music & new concept album if you didn't have the occasion yet : RAGING DEATH METAL CREW

the hard side of life
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