[ Bands ] [ Pictures ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Contact ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Paragon Screenslaves Paragon www.paragon-metal.de Release: 14.11.2008 Massacre Records Info: The German Heavy Metal Band PARAGON was founded in 1990 by guitar player and main songwriter Martin Christian. In 1992, long before any “True Metal Hype” PARAGON recorded their first demo tape „Maelstrom Of Decline“ and played first live shows. 1994 the band released the „Into The Black“ Mini CD and recieved good reviews in the Metal press all over Germany. At the end of 1994 Martin had written enough songs to record the first „official“ release „World Of Sin“. With vocalist Andreas Babuschkin, bass player Jan Bünning and the two remaining members of the last PARAGON lineup, Markus Corby (drums) and Claudius Cremer (guitar) , PARAGON was complete again. In autumn 1997 they entered the Spiderhouse studios of the famous German producer guru Harris Johns (Helloween, Tankard, Sodom, Kreator...) to record the „WORLD OF SIN“ follow up „FINAL COMMAND“. The next longplayer followed in 1999, „Chalice Of Steel“. Again produced by Harris Johns. Both CDs received good reviews in the Metal press for their refreshing interpretation of 80s Metal. In autumn 2000 PARAGON took on the task of producing “Steelbound”. This time Piet Sielck (IRON SAVIOR) was chosen to produce the album and this proved to be a lucky draw. „Steelbound“ received very good reviews in the German Metal press (9,5 of 10 points in Rock Hard Magazine, 9,5 points of 10 in Metal Heart Magazine, 11 of 12 points in Heavy Oder Was?! Magazine) and to promote the release of „Steelbound“ PARAGON went on a tour of Germany with Iron Savior. 2001 was to be the well earned highlight in the band career, finally some respect was shown for their hard work. In the following years the „Dream-Team“ Sielck/Paragon were producing one classic after the other; „The Law Of The Blade“ (2002), „The Dark Legacy“ (2003) and finally “Revenge” (2005). All of them hailed by the press and fans as well. PARAGON had become a solid rock in the top league of german Heavy Metal. But even more convincingly then the studio outputs have been always the live-performances. PARAGON played already 3 times on the biggest Metal Festival in Europe; The Wacken Open Air. (In 2004 they entered the main stage and thousands of fans from all over the world went crazy). They are always welcome on the metal festivals all over Europe (Sweden Rock, Gates of Metal, Bang Your Head,...) They toured with (to name a few) Iron Savior, Gamma Ray, Labyrinth and Nocturnal Rites. And it happened not only once that they have raised more fists in the air then the main band. As the fans demanded to put this energy on a studio CD Paragon decided that the next album („Forgotten Prophecies“) should be produced by Metalbash Roadkill tourtechs, Steve Quellmalz and Arne Wachtmann. The result was „a light at the end of the tunnel of plastic-rock“. With the new CD „Screenslaves“ Paragon combines the hard and direct sound of „Forgotten Prophecies“ with the classics from the „Sielck-years”. Produced by Uwe Lulis (Rebbelion, Ex- Grave Digger) Paragon delivers another piece of german steel with everything you need to yell, sing and headbanging. Tracklist: 1. Hellgore 2. Disconnected 3. Entoomed 4. Screenslaves 5. Bloodfeast 6. The Blade In The Dark 7. Death Next Door 8. The Killing Hand 9. WaxWorkx 10. LargerThanLive 11. Legacy (Italian version) Line-Up: Andreas Babuschkin - Vocals Martin Christian - Guitars / Backing Vox Günny „Luigi“ Kruse - Guitars / Backing Vox Dirk Seifert - Bass Christian Gripp - Drums Discography: 1994 Into The Black MCD 1995 World Of Sin 1998 The Final Command 1999 Chalice Of Steel 2001 Spellbound 2002 Law Of The Blade 2003 The Dark Legacy 2005 Revenge 2007 Forgotten Prophecies 2008 Larger Than Life MCD 2008 Screenslaves [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]