[ Bands ] [ Pictures ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Contact ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > The Gathering Pictures Tourdates Press News www.gathering.nl Artist: The Gathering Album: Souvenirs Release: February 17th 2003 Catalogue nr: PSYN0004 After a successful release of the EP Black Light District in 2002, Holland’s premier rock band The Gathering are now handing you their most precious Souvenirs . Again The Gathering rock, groove and take you on a new journey through highly impressive emotional music, in which Anneke van Giersbergen reflects on her mental “souvenirs” of real life experiences. Souvenirs breathes a modern dark and gloomy sound in which a perfect musical balance between organic and electronic sounds go hand in hand with more psychedelic film music. Anneke declares: “The lyrics on this album deal, as always, with everyday life. We get inspired by it and try to explain our feelings through music and lyrics. The themes on Souvenirs are: Loving life and taking the time to inhale it (‘Broken Glass’ and the title song ‘Souvenirs’). Friendship and the loss of those we love (‘Golden Grounds’ and ‘Jelena’). This time around the lyrics also deal with our lives as musicians. The ever-recurring phenomenon of creativity versus business. You can find this dilemma in more areas than just the music business. There is so much plastic going around, as if hardly anything is real and honest anymore. We decided to start our own label and focus on the importance of making music. We make other people and ourselves happy with solid and beautiful tunes. In the end it is nothing more and nothing less! ”We believe in positive, honest and pure, and we live life, love and make music like that”! - Anneke Together with producer Zlaya Hadzich (Motorpsycho, Sonic Youth, Low, Agresion) the band streamlined a mere 50 minutes of music and is joined by Trickster G (Ulver), who sings the song ‘A Life All Mine’ together with Anneke. With the release of How To Measure A Planet (1998), The Gathering invented the term “triprock” to escape the pigeonhole spirit and with Souvenirs again they prove to be pioneers in bending modern sounds into beautiful, experimental and emotional music. The Gathering are exploring new ways in the music scene and they hit you with a healthy ‘ do-it-yourself ’ attitude! Nowadays they run everything themselves, including the business side, by managing their own label and promotion at Psychonaut Records . To celebrate their 12,5 year anniversary The Gathering released the EP Black Light District in September 2002, containing three new atmospheric songs, and a multimedia CDrom track showing the band working in the studio on the new album Souvenirs with producer Zlaya Hadzich. Hans Rutten and Hugo Prinsen Geerligs, both band members of The Gathering, lead Independent Psychonaut Records. There are plans to sign up other bands in the future, giving them a fair chance to let their voices be heard without having to deal with suffocating contracts. But for now, we enter 2003 and Souvenirs proves The Gathering are definitely the inventors of Triprock!!! The Gathering Guest Musicians Anneke van Giersbergen Vocals Trickster G Lyrics & vocals Hans Rutten Drums Miss D Backing vocals Rene Rutten Electric & acoustic guitars Zlaya Hadzich Lyric adaptations & arrangements Hugo Prinsen Geerligs Bass guitar Frank Boeijen Keyboards, samples & programming The story so far In 1989 ... The Gathering was born. Brothers in arms Hans and René Rutten formed a band with Bart Smits, Hugo Prinsen Geerligs, Jelmer Wiersma and Frank Boeijen. Together they combined their will to experiment rather than imitate and proved to be real metal pioneers by using keyboards in metal-oriented music, which was rather unusual at that time. In 1991, the demo Moonlight Archer was recorded and media and promoters started noticing The Gathering. Consequently, the band was booked to support famous bands like Samael, Morbid Angel and Death. On the debut album Always... (1992) The Gathering introduced the use of female vocals by Marike Groot joining the grunts of Bart Smits. This gothic/doom style was very well received and earned them many more concerts, including gigs in Belgium and Israel. After a lineup change new vocalists Niels Duffhues and female counterpart Martine van Loon appear on Almost A Dance (1993). Again musically a strong album but both voices didn’t really fit in. Halfway through 1994 another lineup change was made, bringing magic with the arrival of Anneke van Giersbergen, whose angelic voice suited the highly atmospheric music perfectly. The Gathering was back, better than before and proved so with Mandylion (1995). This was the first result of the co-operation with metal label Century Media. The atmospheric album was highly successful and the single ‘Strange Machines’ ended up in the Dutch charts, as did the album! Next album Nighttime Birds (1997), turned out to be another success and extensive touring brought the band to all corners of their home country and also to Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Eastern Europe and several other European countries. The Gathering started to long for something new. Jelmer decided to leave the band because he wanted to discover a different side of the music scene and he started a career as professional studio engineer. The other members tried out new ideas, other instruments and new recording techniques. This resulted in How To Measure A Planet ? (1998). A varied and experimental double-album with a very modern sound introduced by the band as Triprock. Again positive reactions came from all over the world, including the United States, where they played 14 shows during the summer of 1999. Their co-operation with Century Media proceeded with the release of the live album Superheat (2000) with songs from How to Measure A Planet, Mandylion and Nighttime Birds recorded in several Dutch venues during 1999. Another successful chapter in The Gathering’s career came with the release of If_Then_Else in 2000. This album took the band to virtually every nook and cranny of Europe with even a little sidestep to Mexico. With this album the contractual episode with Century Media also ended, which brought the band success and a lot of knowledge about the music industry. Because of their need for freedom to express themselves The Gathering had founded their own label, Psychonaut Records, in 1999. After a court case in which they regained the rights to their first two albums, Always... was re-released in 1999 on this label, followed by Almost A Dance in 2000. With the release of the EP Black Light District (2002) and now the full-length album Souvenirs , a new and exciting episode starts for The Gathering. The Gathering Discography Albums: Singles: Always... 1992 CD Strange Machines 1996 EP Almost a Dance 1993 CD Adrenaline/Leaves 1996 EP Mandylion 1995 CD The May Song 1997 EP Nighttime Birds 1997 CD Kevin’s Telescope 1997 EP How to Measure a Planet? 1998 CD Liberty Bell 1998 EP Always... 1999 CD PSYN0001 Rollercoaster 2000 EP Superheat - live album 2000 CD Amity 2001 EP If_Then_Else 2000 CD Almost a Dance 2000 CD PSYN0002 Downfall - the early years 2001 CD Black Light District 2002 MCD PSYN0003 Souvenirs 2003 CD PSYN0004 [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]