[ Bands ] [ Pictures ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Contact ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > C-Rom The Winding Star C-Rom www.c-rom.fr Release: Manitou Music / Twilight 2007 Info: The bases of C-rom started up at 2001, around members with various influences, from gothic to thrash while passing by electro & indus music… C-rom builded up a strong & unique personality among bands like Samael, Pitch schifter but also among this new wave of female symphonic / gothic female fronted metal. Very quickly, C-rom entered Walnut Groove Studio (Carnival in coal, Wormfood, DSK, Ashura,…) to polish there a bunch of demoCD which will later give birth to this first album “The Winding Star”. At that point, C-Rom also starts to perform live opening acts for quite famous bands like Lycosia, Paradise Lost, anathema, the old Dead Tree, Kemet, Dying Tears, The last embrace,… “The Winding Star” presents a digest of what composes the entity C-Rom : massive & martial rhythmic parts, clean quite lyrical female voice & the whole strenghthened by the coldness surroundings of machines and samples managed by Axel Wursthorn (Carnival in coal). First reviews are for the majority eulogistic: Hard & Heavy: “the winding Star” reveals some potential hits songs. melodies penetrate durably in your head Rock one: “Atmospheric Electro metal crossed with melancholic music blasted by flashes of violence. AZ brilliant first album. Elegy: “The Winding Star shows that C-Rom has a well anchored identity and clear ideas” Adremaya: For some time the phenomenon “Nightwithinepica” only creates clone like (…)People of C-ROM had courage to dissociate themselves while going to pick elsewhere than in “already-considering, already-fact”, …. they have composed one of the most innovative albums for its last years in the universe of the female fronted Metal. La part des ombres webzine: “In the idea, C-rom is the inferal child from SAMAEL & Australian AVRIGUS as well on the level instruments as songs. There C-ROM made of it an explosive symbiosis of most successful and all also personal when the now famous trio Nightwish, within temptation, Epica generates an incalculable number of clone bands, it is wise to discover albums like “The Winding Star” . C-Rom is one of those new bands that gets inspiration from them but which bring a wind of innovation in their music. Tracklist: 1. Purple cloak 2. My madness 3. Locked inside 4. Doubt 5. Falling 6. From the river's chorus 7. Not so far away 8. The lady of the lake 9. W.a.h 10. Blured sight 11. Even if 12. Another sky [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]