[ Bands ] [ Pictures ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Contact ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Helheim Pictures Blod & Ild Blod & Ild - Pictures Edition Wolffackel Yersinia Pestis Helheim www.helheim.com PRODUCT INFO: Title: YERSINIA PESTIS Label: Massacre Records Distribution: Soulfood Release-Date: March 24th BIOGRAPHY: Hailing from Bergen, Norway HELHEIM must benamed one of the most important bands of the Norwegian metal scene, their Pagan/Viking metal has an own definite sound and is way different to many others as they do not revert on cheap Satanical clichees or Black Metal fragements but concentrating on the traditional nordic sound. HELHEIM were founders of this musical style as already in 1995 they released their debut "Jormundgand" after which the active Norwegians followed up with "Av Norron/Ett" (1997) and "Terrorveldet" (2000). The band created an excellent reputation at press and metalheads who enjoy the Nordic blast. With their third album "Blod & Ild" (re-released on Massacre Records now) the band established their leading role and was able to tour Europe. The problem of HELHEIM always have been the missing support by their previous labels who were to small to give the band the necessary push. This was changed when the band signed with Massacre Records in 2002 and noew the fourth album "Yersinia Pestis" is released, showing a matured bands after their three year's break. The album is powerfully prodcued by Pytten at the legendary Grieghallen Studio in Bergen, Norway, the Norwegians impress again with unique songwriting, the lyrics are mainly in English this time without losing any of their typical Nordic metal sounds. HELHEIM have opened all doors with "Yersinia Pestis", some festival appearances are already booked for 2003 and HELHEIM are ready to show everybody, also on the live side, why they are heading for the Nordic Metal throne! FACTS: The fourth full-length album by the leading Norwegian Pagan/Viking metal band Produced by Pytten and Helheim at Grieghallen Studio, Bergen, Norwegen Cover artwork by Coverart.com European tour with Einherjer 2001 Excellent press results for previous album "Blod & Ild" (Blood & Fire) Rerelease of non-available preivous album "Blod & Ild" on Midprice through Massacre Records Festival appearances in Summer 2003 Europewide top priority promotion by True Music Promotion, Nürnberg Europawide priority advertising campaign Track Placements on diverse European magazines' free samplers LINE UP: H'Grimnir - Vocals & Guitar Hrymr - Drums & Programming Lindheim - Synth & Programming, Guitar Thorbjorn - Guitar V'Gandr - Vocals & Bass TRACKLIST: 1. Helheim 4 2. Yersinia Pestis 3. Stones to the Burden 4. Sinners Wake 5. Elde 6. Warlot 7. Den Glemte Lov 8. God Of Slander 9. Iron Icon 9 10. Hjelmstorm DISCOGRAPHY: 1995 Jormundgand 1997 Av Norron/Ett 2000 Terrorveldet (MCD) 2000 Blod & Ild 2003 Yersinia Pestis [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]