[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Aeternus Fotos ... And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth Aeternus www.facebook.com/Aeternusofficial Release: Dark Essence / Soulfood 12.04.2013 (GER) Info: After a period of silence, Norwegian dark metal pioneers Aeternus are back with their new album entitled “…And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth”. The album sees the band returning to their dark metal roots, refining their brutal sound while incorporating the dark, sinister and atmospheric elements associated with the bands past. “…And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth” was recorded and mixed by Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Vulture Industries, Black Hole Generator) at Conclave & Earshot Studios in Bergen by a renewed Aeternus line up boosting new energy. Bolstering the ranks of the new Aeternus are Ares’s accomplices; Phobos (Malsain, Gravdal) on drums and guitarist Specter (Gravdal, Tortorum). The limited edition version of the album is released with the classic “Dark Sorcery” EP from 1995 as a bonus disc. Tracklist: 1: There Will Be None 2: ...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth 3: Spurcitias 4: Ruin And Resurrect 5: The Confusion Of Tounges 6: Hubris 7: Reap What You Saw 8: Saligia 9: The Hand That Severs The Bonds Of Creation 10: The Spirit Of Illumination [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]