[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Infernal Majesty Fotos One Who Points To Death Infernal Majesty www.infernalmajesty.ca TRACKLISTING: 1. Death of Heaven 2. Pestilential Eternity 3. Angels and Acid 4. Honey Tongue of Satan 5. Hysterion Proteron 6. Cathedral of Hate 7. Virgin Blood Tastes Purest At Night 8.One Who Points To Death OVERVIEW: 1986 - Present In the city of Toronto, in the year 1986, Rick Nemes (drums), Psycopath (bass), Kenny Hallman (guitar), Steve Terror (guitar) and Chris Bailey, joined forces and created the thrash band Infernal Majesty. Infernal Majesty's main objective was to write an album of complex and exciting thrash tunes, to unleash onto the ever evolving thrash market. In order to begin this process, they recorded a 24 track four song demo at Metal Works studios in Toronto (owned by members of the band TRIUMPH). With the demo tape completed, copies were sent out through various channels, and a record deal was signed with Roadrunner Records in New York City. The amazing thing about the signing was, Infernal Majesty had never sent a copy of the demo to Roadrunner, a Magazine in Europe had sent one to them with a recommendation to sign the band. In September 1987, the worldwide release, of the now, cult classic, "None Shall Defy" was launched. The album included such cuts as, Overlord, which was the code name for the Normandy invasion, Anthology of Death, about the notorious Jack the Ripper, Night of the Living Dead, which was inspired by the march of the zombies scene in the classic horror film of the same name. The title track, None Shall Defy, became the band's first video. They received very promising reviews from leading magazines such as, Metal Hammer, Aardschok and Kerrang. Displeased Records lists Infernal Majesty along with Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Kreator and Death as one of the main influences on the death/black metal music scene. Fan mail from distant locations such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China and New Zealand demonstrated the magnitude of the expanding thrash market. In 1988, Rick Nemes and Psycopath left Infernal Majesty and shortly after were replaced by Kevin Harrison (drums) and Bob Quelch (bassist). With the new line-up, Infernal Majesty's next step was to record 2-song demo for a new album at Wellesley studios in Toronto. The tape "Nigresent Dissolution" was completed. It remained unheard by most listeners as the tape was not made available to the public until Displeased Records added the two tracks "Into the Unknown" and "Hell on Earth" to the CD release of "None Shall Defy". A third, 4-song demo was completed with a local producer. With the help of Brian Taylor, (famous for his work with Sacrifice), Creation of Chaos was completed with new vocalist Vince, as Chris Bailey had left the band. Creation of Chaos was sold by mail order and distributed by Cargo Records to listeners around the world. Infernal Majesty went on to play select shows with Razor, Kreator, Coroner, Death Angel...etc. Infernal Majesty's cult status was solidified with the masterful cover of their ultimate thrash classic "Night of the Living Dead" by Sweden's Dawn. Other bands such as " Christ Denied "from Spain, Illdisposed and Goddess of Desire have recorded - played songs by Infernal Majesty. Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery which proves true with reports of bootlegged CD's, live videos, T-shirts and posters. sire have covered Infernal Majesty material in their live shows . Rumor has it that a tribute album of With the re-release of "None Shall Defy" on CD, Infernal Majesty schedule a summer tour in Europe with original vocalist Chris Bailey. In late March of 1997, a sample of new material was recorded and produced by the band and added to a compilation CD. The CD entitled Kanada Compilation was released in limited quantities. Infernal Majesty contributed 2 songs, Where is your God and Gone the way of all Flesh which are shortened versions of new songs for their upcoming album. With the re-release of "None Shall Defy" on CD, Infernal Majesty toured Europe with original vocalist Chris Bailey and newly acquired bass player Chay McMullen. The tour, consisting of Malevolent Creation, Infernal Majesty, Vader and Vital Remains, was considered by many as the highlight of the summer. With record interest wide spread the band returned home to sign a new record deal. January 1998, Infernal Majesty signed with Hypnotic Records who have been signing Canadian bands for some time, already have Voivod, Razor, Anvil and Mundane as part of their roster. The CD entitled "Unholier Than Thou" , was released on August 15, 1998. A European tour with Cannibal Corpse and Dark Funeral followed in September 1998 and was a great success. April 2000 saw the release of "Chaos in Copenhagen" which was a live cd release showcasing Infernal Majesty live. April 2001 Hypnotic Records along with Big Daddy re-released "Unholier Than Thou" in the USA, this CD release was re-mixed and re-mastered and included a live version of "Night of the Living Dead" In May 2001 Kris Deboer and Eric Dubreuil became the newest members of Infernal Majesty. 2003 and work had begun on the newest Infernal Majesty CD "One Who Points to Death", which was recorded in Vancouver B.C.. In Early 2004 Infernal Majesty signed with Galy records for USA/CANADA for the release of "One Who Points to Death" which will be released in late May / early June 2004 So it was time for the Majesties to find a new home for Europe. And in the Spring of the same year it did happen: BLACK LOTUS RECORDS is the name, European domination is the game! “One who points to death” is unleashed in the Old Continent on June 22 and be prepared for a thrash / death metal devastation!!! The best US thrash album since SLAYER’s “Reign in blood”! The Legend has returned!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris Bailey Chris Bailey was born and raised in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, and joined Infernal Majesty in the fall of1986 after answering an ad in a Toronto newspaper. Chris had won the audition for lead singer with the band. Chris had never sang professionally before but he knew that was what he had wanted to do. While a major portion of the songs were written by Infernal Majesty before Chris had joined the band, he did co-write "Night of The Living Dead" and "Skeletons in the Closet". Chris had left Infernal Majesty shortly after the recording of Nigresent Dissolution but has since rejoined the band and is the vocalist on the new album "Unholier Than Thou"s Kenny Hallman Kenny Hallman was born in Salzburg, Austria, and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In 1983 after meeting Steve Terror, they formed a local band called "Laced" and had become quite popular on the club scene. Kenny joined "The Astrid Young band" (sister of Neil Young). Playing with that band for a year, the band split up as Astrid Young was leaving for L.A. Steve Terror got a hold of Kenny and discussed the idea about working together on a new project. At this time Infernal Majesty was still in an infancy stage and had not yet had a second guitarist. It was natural for Kenny to become apart of Infernal Majesty. The name Infernal Majesty was decided on after Kenny struck upon the name. In late 1986 Infernal Majesty was born. Steve Terror Steve Terror was born in Kitchener, Ontario, and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In 1983 Steve wanted to put a band together and after meeting Kenny things seemed to come together. They formed the band "Laced" and began playing the club circuit in Canada. After two years of touring Steve and Kenny both decided it was time to leave the band and find new musicians in Toronto. Steve first meet Rick Nemes through an ad in a Toronto newspaper. After the first meeting Steve joined forces with Rick Nemes and Psycopath and began writing songs together. Steve decided to get together with Kenny and discuss the new project. After this meeting Kenny Hallman and Steve Terror were once again reunited and intense rehearsals began. Eric Dubreuil Eric Dubreuil is the newest addition to Infernal Majesty. Growing up was really tough on me and music was my outlet. Bands lke Ozzy Osbourne, Deicide, Death and Primus made my decision of being a musician easy. Having struggled with other bands for a number of years has finally paid off. The opportunity to join a band that was established was a dream for me. Now 8 years later I'm playing bass for Infernal Majesty. Kris Deboer Kris Deboer is the newest drummer for Infernal Majesty. Kris hails from Vancouver, Canada. He has played in numerous bands in the Vancouver area, most notably Grudge, who have opened for major bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel that have played in Vancouver. LABEL: Black Lotus Records, Greece www.black-lotus-recs.com [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]