[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > The Gathering > > News The Gathering Fotos Tourdaten Presse News www.gathering.nl ----- THE GATHERING NEWS UPDATE August,19th ------ Psychonaut Records is planning a first VINYL release on the Gathering album 'Souvenirs': Souvenirs will be released under license by The End records as a 2 vinyl gatefold release and will contain the original song texts on the gatefold. We will print on very heavy type (230 gr) vinyl which will make it the best quality possible. Release date will be around october 2003. New The Gathering EP called 'Monsters': ‘Monsters’, the most heavy rock song from the album ’Souvenirs’, hits you with grooving drums and heavy guitars while Anneke van Giersbergen again steals your heart with her intriguing and breathtaking angelic voice. Besides a radio edit and a extended promo-cd version Monsters e.p also contains three cool remixes. As extra bonus the fans are treated with over 30 minutes of unique cd-video live recordings from two German shows filmed during the European spring tour and a English spoken live TV interview with Anneke at the German TV station RCN TV. ------ THE GATHERING NEWS UPDATE 22-05 -03 ----- Highly respected The Gathering have released their new CD Souvenirs and are currently touring Europe. Current (May 22) European sales are over 35000 (already 9000 in Germany). Souvenirs charted in the German album charts end march on # 90. The Gathering strongly believe in Do It Yourself and proof their point! Guaranteed to be continued. The Gathering tour report Curios what kind of adventures the Gathering has on tour? We have an English written tour report by keyboard player Frank Boeijen. Feel free to mail us when you would like to receive part 1, 2, 3 and 4 for you magazine, webzine or other press. We have also nice live photo's to submit with the report. ---------------------- Videoclip first single 'You learn about it' made by 13 year old Tim Blok The 13-year-old Tim Blok, a young guy from the Netherlands, made the videoclip of the song 'You learn about it'. Tim is probably one of the youngest directors of a video-clip ever! He did a great job! Tim has filmed the band during the concert in Paris on April 5th and combined these live images with backstage and tour images of the Gathering. During the clip Anneke van Giersbergen sings the beautiful song 'You learn about it' directly to you. The single is now released in the Netherlands! Other countries will follow, but if you can't wait please check out our shop at the 4tune homepage to order a copy. -------------------------- The Gathering's new videoclip 'You learn about it' on TV Music channels The video is sent away to European music channels. So if you want to see it, write an e-mail to your local MTV/The Box/VIVA/whatever. Thanks for the support in advance. Music Channels who did not yet received the videoclip please get in contact. ------------------------- www.MusicXport.nl , an initiative of Conamus and the Dutch Rock & Pop Institute (NPI) are co-promoting the Gathering in Germany Since the release of the album Mandylion, back in 1995, the Gathering can count on a Hugh fan base within the metal and gothic scene in Germany. Now Psychonaut Records started working together with Ruud Berends (Project manager musicXport.nl) and their German Musicxport adviser Manfred Tari toincrease the opportunities and position of the Gathering in the mainstream German pop en rock scene. First initiative will be the radio promotion of the first radio single 'You learn about it' and around July a special club single promotion will follow with the more danceable up-tempo song 'Monsters' from the 'Souvenirs' album. ----------------------- Thanks to Andreas & The End records "Souvenirs" is #3 on the Death Metal sales charts of www.Amazon.com . We don't know why under 'Death Metal' (as the album was submitted as Rock) but still high on the charts, nonetheless!!! ---------------------- The biggest daily newspaper of Utah/USA is doing a review on Souvenirs. This is the writer's comment: "In regards to the new Gathering, I just have to say, metal or not, it's probably one of the best albums I've heard this year." Thank you all for the great reviews so far that are written on Souvenirs! Respect to all reporters amongst you! --------------------- The Gathering are doing a lot of television and radio performances. Do you have a radio or TV programme and you're interested in an interview with the Gathering you can contact us on promotion@psychonautrecords.com [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]