[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Dan Deagh Wealcan Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos in Between: Director’s Cut DAN DEAGH WEALCAN Website / Facebook Release: Metal Scrap Records 15.01.2015 (Ukraine), 03.02.2015 (Russia), 05.02.2015 (Europe), 10.02.2015 (USA) Info: The debut full-length album of this duo from Moscow (Russia) and Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) is an experimental work which combines different genres. Unusual stylistically and compositionally, the music of the project is branching in alternative and heavy music, Electronic and Rock and wrapped in a Lo-Fi sheath. The recordings and mix of the album stretched out on two years before it was finally mastered at Ukrainian TA Production. "Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos in Between: Director’s Cut" - a stream of thoughts! For fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nine Inch Nails, Converge, Tool, Norma Jean, Ministry, Porcupine Tree,... and for everyone who is into extraordinary, intractable music. Tracklist: 1. Beware of Lines! 2. Paranoia? I’m Aim! Assure You! 3. I’ve Just Threw Out My Phone and Sanity 4. Logical -Version 3.76 5. Well, Just Burn It Down 6. Det Sista Ljuset 7. iCD10Q031V2010WTF!? 8. The Number Was Too Long, so I Forgot It 9. Defy Yourself By Yourself 10. Mediterranean Sky 11. Pointlessness 12. Tears Line-up: Mikhail A. Repp - music, guitar, programming, keyboards and all other sounds Eugene "Iowa" Zoidze-Mishchenko - all of those sounds that his vocal apparatus is able to reproduce & lyrics [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]