[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Hooded Menace Fotos Gloom Immemorial HOODED MENACE Facebook Release: Doomentia Records December 2014 Info: No matter how far they go, some people never forget where they come from. Such one man is Lasse Pyykkö of the mighty HOODED MENACE: created in 2007 in Joensuu, Finland to pay tribute to both the ‘Blind Dead’ movie series and the ancient metal of death, it has since then become one of the most crushing death/doom band around while their so far three full-lenghts and many prestigious festival appearances have gathered nothing but praise and put them at the top of extreme metal’s foodchain. Yet Pyykkö never turned his back on the underground he came from and still feels part of. And as an active supporter of the scene, he’d always seek out opportunities to exclusive material while teaming up for various splits with very different partners, from well-confirmed death-metal veterans (ASPHYX) to D-beat masters (ILSA), straight-up weirdos (HORSE LATITUDES) or even Giallo original soundtrack worshippers (ANIMA MORTE). Overall, over the course of seven years, HOODED MENACE has taken part in half-dozen splits and released three EPs, many of them through DOOMENTIA. Both a gift to their longtime fans that won’t have to spend shitloads of dollars on EBAY to get a worn out copy of those now long out-of-print titles and a little snack while everybody’s waiting to be crushed by their next album (hopefully in 2015), Pyykkö has gathered all those stand-alone tracks in one place for this compilation. Clocking at a whooping 76 minutes and featuring four different line-ups and such rarities as ‘I, Devil Master’ (recorded for the ‘Live Evil vol.1’ comp) or the very first versions of ‘Fulfill the Curse’ or ‘The Eyeless Horde’ that appeared on the band’s sole demo back in 2007. ‘Gloom Immemorial’ is also graced by a very special artwork courtesy of Chris from Misanthropic Art. And for all you collectors’ freaks, make sure to grab the special limited edition, a CD box with each release’s original art printed on an individual cards with the song’s credits on the flipside! Tracklist: 1. Fulfill the Curse (taken from The Eyeless Horde 7“ep) 2. The Eyeless Horde (taken from The Eyeless Horde 7“ep) 3. A Decay of Mind and Flesh (taken from split with ANIMA MORTE 7““ep) 4. The Haunted Ossuary (taken from split with COFFINS 7““ep) 5. I, Devil Master (taken from Live Evil Volume One comp. DLP) 6. Catacombs of the Graceless (taken from split with ILSA 12“ep) 7. Abode of the Grotesque (taken from split with ASPHYX 7“ep) 8. Instruments of Eternal Damnation (taken from split with HORSE LATITUDES 12“ep) 9. Chasm of the Wraith (taken from Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze 12“ep) 10. The Creeping Flesh (taken from Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze 12“ep) 11. Monuments of Misery (taken from split with LOSS 12“ep) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]