[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Saille Fotos Eldritch SAILLE Website / Facebook Release: code666 10.11.2014 Info: SAILLE is an Epic Black Metal band, founded in 2009 and are distinguished by incorporating real classical instruments in their music. Lyrical, SAILLE deals with apocalyptic events, the beauty of destruction, death rites and forces of nature. During their relatively short existence Saille has released three highly acclaimed albums on Code666 records: "Irreversible Decay" (2011), "Ritu" (2013) and "Eldritch" (2014). SAILLE has played shows in Germany, Denmark, UK, The Netherlands and Belgium, amongst them: Graspop Metal Meeting and Eindhoven Metal Meeting. SAILLE's most recent album "Eldritch" (adj. weird, sinister, unearthly or ghostly) contains 9 songs in which they integrated their favourite literature. Tracklist: 1. Emerald 2. Walpurgis 3. The Great God Pan 4. Aklo 5. Cold War 6. Eater of Worlds 7. Red Death 8. Dagon 9. Carcosa Line-up: Dennie Grondelaers: Vocals Reinier Schenk: Guitar & Bass Jonathan Vanderwaal: Guitar & Clean Vocals Dries Gaerdelen: Keyboards, Piano & Clean Vocals Kevin De Leener: Drums Biography: Sail or Saille is the name of the fourth letter of the Irish Ogham alphabet, meaning “willow”. Pronunciation: [sahl-yeh] - Saille was founded by Dries Gaerdelen [keyboards] in 2008, in order to create his favourite style of music (melodic black metal with a threatening and epic feel, like Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin). The debut album “Irreversible Decay” was recorded at the end of 2009 and finalized in September 2010. After being contacted by several labels, Saille chose to work with Code666 records and the album “Irreversible Decay” was released March 4th 2011. At first Saille was only intended as a studio project. However, it soon became clear the music should be brought to life and several shows followed. The live-shows of the first album were concluded with a spot on Belgium’s biggest metalfest Graspop Metal Meeting 2012. At the end of 2012 another highlight was their appearance on Eindhoven Metal Meeting [The Netherlands]. In July 2012 the band hit the Shumcot Studio again to record their second album entitled “Ritu”. With lyrics inspired by death rites in ancient cultures and vocalist Dennie Grondelaers’ interest for H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, the next album had a much darker setting. Again classical skilled guest musicians were invited to create the irreplaceable real sounds. After two months of intensive recording sessions, the final mix was finished in September and sent to the Norwegian mastering specialist Tom Kvålsvoll (Strype Audio). On January 18th 2013 “Ritu” saw the light of day as a digipak. After the release of the 2nd album Saille was looking forward to an intensive year. They embarked on their first tour in January 2013, with Transylvanian black metal legends Negura Bunget. Followed by more gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands, supporting bands like Textures, Von, Winterfylleth, In-Quest and The Monolith Death Cult. During summer, Saille was invited to perform on several festivals like AMF (with Napalm Death), Vlamrock (with Exhumed, Belphegor, Rotting Christ) and Metal Méan (with Marduk, Dying Fetus). In September, Saille supported Winterfylleth, a British band they consider as friends since they first met on Graspop 2012, on three UK shows. The band’s last performance for 2013 took place in Denmark for a headlining position on the 'Black Winter Fest' in Copenhagen. 2014 started with great shows together with Carach Angren, Asphyx and a second UK visit to Liverpool and London. While composing and recording the songs for the third album "Eldritch", Saille joined founders of black metal, the true Mayhem, on stage in Belgium's most known concert venue - AB Brussels. During summer 2014, recording sessions were at full speed, and Saille played at Black Way Open Air festival in Germany, along with their friends in Aborted. Saille's most recent album "Eldritch" (adj. Weird, sinister, unearthly or ghostly) contains 9 songs / 55minutes in which they integrated their favourite Horror literature. Both recorded and mixed by Klas Blomgren known for his work with Svart, the alter ego of Draug (Shining). "Eldritch" will be presented in Belgium on a releaseshow with Winterfylleth and again on Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands. [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]