[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Apostle Of Solitude Fotos Of Woe And Wounds APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Website Release: Cruz Del Sur Music 31.10.2014 Info: In life there is death. In happiness, in hope, and in love there is also tragedy. There is hopelessness, despair, and grief. There is Apostle of Solitude. True American Doom Metal in its most raw, unfiltered, sincere form. Apostle of Solitude rose from the ashes of The Keep in the autumn of 2004, releasing the self-titled demo in autumn of 2005 and the “Embraced By The Black” demo in early 2007, before releasing the massive Sincerest Misery full length debut on Eyes Like Snow Records in October 2008. Sincerest Misery took the international metal community by storm and quickly catapulted the band to the forefront of “required listening” bands in Doom. The band’s sophomore follow-up, Last Sunrise (Eyes Like Snow, Profound Lore), went even further down the path cleared by Sincerest Misery, taking the listener even deeper into the beautiful cold depths of sorrow and ruin. In addition to the impact created by both of the band’s full-length releases, live performances at high profile American doom festivals including Born To Be Doomed, Born Too Late, Days of the Doomed, and Doom or Be Doomed have helped to solidify the band’s loyal following and also their reputation in regard to stepping beyond the confines and typical boundaries of the genre. In early 2011, Apostle of Solitude announced a revised lineup, welcoming Bob Fouts (the Gates of Slumber, Nachtmystium; current Chrome Waves) and Steve Janiak (Devil to Pay) into the fold. 2011 also saw the releases of two split releases which marked the last recordings of the initial lineup consisting of Brown, McClellan, Avery, and Webb. A vinyl only 12-inch one-sided “etched disc” with Dawnrider (Portugal) was released on Blood & Iron Records in conjunction with Raging Planet Records and Metal Soldiers Records; A 3-way split “digipak” cd and gatefold LP was also released via Eyes Like Snow Records with Rituals of the Oak (Australia) and The Flight of Sleipnir (US). A very limited number of demos showcasing the first recorded material from the newly revised lineup consisting of Brown, Fouts, Janiak, and Webb were produced exclusively for the Days of the Doomed fest in June 2012. In late 2013, Fouts left the fold and was replaced by bassist Dan Davidson (Signs of Decay). The renewed Apostle of Solitude then finally recorded their latest opus, “Of Woe and Wounds” at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana in May of 2014 with Mike Bridavsky at the helm. Cover artwork for the album is being done by David Csicsely. With its oppressive and crunching sound, “Of Woe and Wounds” will rank among the heaviest album of 2014. From the 7-minute opener “Blackest of Times” to the ending “Luna”, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE deliver an incredible performance that gives full sense to the sometimes-abused term “DOOM”. Mastered by Tony Reed (producer of last SAINT VITUS' album “Lillie: F-65”), this album confirms APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE as a versatile, multi-dimensional doom band that offers the most Sabbath-inspired sound around these days, blended with personal, oppressive yet dynamic atmospheres such as those found in “Push Mortal Coil” or “Whore’s Wings” (re-recorded hits from their 2012's demo), or the long and haunting “Die Vicar Die”. The album also features the extraordinary work of talented Artist David Csicsely known for his illustrations of Mournful Congregation, Solitude Aeternus, Wheel, Flight of Sleipnir releases. DOOM has never been so HEAVY as in “Of Woe and Wounds”!!! Tracklist: 1. Distance and the Cold Heart 2. Blackest of Times 3. Whore’s Wings 4. Lamentations of a Broken Man 5. Die Vicar Die 6. Push Mortal Coil 7. This Mania 8. Siren 9. Luna 10. Distance and the Cold Heart (reprise) 11. The Messenger - Live (VINYL BONUS TRACK) 12. Sincerest Misery - Live (VINYL BONUS TRACK) Line-up: Corey Webb - drums Dan Davidson - bass Chuck Brown - guitar/vox Steve Janiak - guitar Discography: Embraced by the Black (2006) Sincerest Misery (2008) Last Sunrise (2010) Apostle of Solitude/Dawnrider - split (2011) Apostle of Solitude / The Flight of Sleipnir / Rituals of the Oak - split (2011) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]