[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Mausoleum Gate Fotos Mausoleum Gate MAUSOLEUM GATE Facebook Release: Cruz Del Sur Music 10.10.2014 Info: Mausoleum Gate was formed in 2008 by Count L.F. and Wicked Ischanius. From the very start also drummer Pasi Tolonen was in. After a little time Neva entered as second guitarist, and V.P Varpula took up vocal duties. With this line up, the band recorded their debut EP "Gateways For The Wicked" and played a gig at the Metal Warning Festival in 2010 along with bands such as Sarcofagus and Cloven Hoof. This first incarnation of the band came to an end somewhere in 2011. After some serious searching, drummer Oscar Razanez and guitarist Kasperi Puranen joined and the current line-up of Mausoleum Gate kickstarted. In the spring of 2013 the band released "Obsessed By Metal" 7''. Soon after that a casette version of "Gateways For The Wicked" was also re-released, and after some gigs the band started to work on the recording of their first full-length album. Finally, Mausoleum Gate signed a deal with Cruz Del Sur Music to release their debut album in October 2014. Before that the band released a compilation CD "Gateways For The Wicked and Obsessed By Metal Sessions" which includes all previous releases in CD format. We believe that the self-titled debut release of Finland’s MAUSOLEUM GATE is destined to become a classic cult album in a very short time. Rarely in the past few years any metal scene's newcomer has been able to craft such authentically sounding, classic heavy metal music with the passion and energy that MAUSOLEUM GATE put into their debut album. Their appearance on the scene out-of-nowhere came so unexpectedly and shockingly, but immediately turned some heads, as the band has been invited to play the next edition of famous German "Keep It True Festival" in April 2015! Inspired by the late 70s / early 80s metal sound, these Finnish lads know perfectly where to hit to provoke the most positive reactions among fans of the NWOBHM’s sound, die-hard aficionados of the twisting sounds of Cirith Ungol, and lovers of 70s rock greats such as the Scorpions and Uriah Heep... The presence of unusual keys (Mellotron and Organ mainly) gives this album a spooky and somewhat tragic atmosphere, with long suites such as “Lost Beyond the Sun” and “Mausoleum Gate” act as the highest peaks of an opera prima that will hardly pass unobserved. Tracklist: 1. Magic of the Gipsy Queen 2. Demon Droid 3. Lost Beyond the Sun 4. Mercenaries of Steel 5. There Must Be Demons 6. Mausoleum Gate Line-up: V-P. Varpula - Vocals Count L.F. - Electric and Acoustic Guitars Kasperi Puranen - Electric Guitars Wicked Ischianus -Bass, Hammond C3 Organ, Mellotron M400 and MiniMoog Oscar Razanez - Drums, Percussions and Gongs [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]