[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Under The Church Fotos Under The Church (MCD) UNDER THE CHURCH Facebook Release: Pulverised Records 16.06.2014 Info: With the legendary Death Metal titans Nirvana 2002 buried deep and laid to rest, now resurrects under the moniker UNDER THE CHURCH! Creating a surge of hype and rave reviews across the underground scene, UNDER THE CHURCH accelerated on and composed seven cadaver-drenched tracks for an EP simply entitled "Under The Church". Amongst the countless SweDeath-worship bands everywhere, UNDER THE CHURCH distinctively separates themselves from the pack and remains to be the true originators of Swedish Death Metal! Tracklist: 1. Denial Of Death 2. Macabre Cadaver 3. Digging In The Dirt 4. Under The Church 5. Burning 6. Haunted By Demons 7. Back To The Grave Line-up: Erik Qvick - Drums/Guitars Lars Henriksson - Bass MiK Annetts - Vocals Biography: Under The Church... Death Metal... pure and simple. Born of the base desire to create raw and pure death metal, Erik Qvick and Lars Henriksson formed the band during 2012, after the final rites were administered to the reanimated corpse that was Nirvana 2002. Inspired, a series of tunes were crafted, laboured and recorded... After a vocalist search, Under The Church settled on Australian vocalist MiK Annetts, to give voice to the primal compositions that had been conjured. The end result was 'Demo 2013'; a three song affair that created a surge of interest in the band and their raw, filthy and ugly approach to the essence of Death Metal. Now, Under The Church are finalising the next onslaught of their campaign, a new 7-track EP shall be unleashed in the first months of 2014 through Singaporean label Pulverised Records. Reprising the original demo tracks, plus 4 newer songs, the band's approach to raw and bestial Death Metal remains unchanged. [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]