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Seppänen, who sings in a slew of bands, has lived in Russia for over 2 years, studied in St. Petersburg and worked at the embassy in Moscow. He holds a degree in Russian literature from Oxford and also teaches Russian part-time in his Finnish hometown Tampere. He is more than a legitimate choice as the singer and lyricist of KYPCK. Finally, a long time friend of Hiilesmaa, Ylä-Rautio (who now plays the 1-stringed bass called “Kypcklop”) completed the crew. The Finnish label UHO Production was so excited by the sole idea that they signed KYPCK without hearing a single note. Back in the early days of the band, Lopakka commented: “We all were so thrilled about the new band and the whole idea that in less than 4 months we had material for one and a half albums already. It was like a dam being cracked open - a massive load just poured out”. In KYPCK, Lopakka plays an AK-47-shaped custom baritone guitar, “Lopashnikov”, made by Amfisound Guitars. The band was ready. In May 2007 Hiilesmaa was already recording the first drums. The rest of Cherno was recorded together in July. “At that point we noticed that we have something truly original in our hands”, remembers Seppänen. “And although it was clear that this band was a big step away from mainstream metal, I knew that material this strong would find a select audience…” Upon the album’s release in March 2008 it shot straight to #11 in the Finnish charts. Later on Century Media licensed and released the debut worldwide. A few shows in Finnish clubs followed, as well as a number of festival appearances, including the #1 metal event of the Finnish Summer, Tuska Festival in Helsinki. The shows fine-tuned the band both on and off stage and proved that there was a strong live act here to present the challenging material to the audience. As the year wound to a close, KYPCK was also invited on HIM’s annual New Year’s tour Helldone. The inevitable and long-awaited first shows in Russia took place in 2009, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There the reception was phenomenal and the atmosphere something quite unprecedented, as KYPCK was the first foreign band to perform in Russian, down to all the in-between-songs rants. It had long been clear to the guys in the band that KYPCK would make more albums. After those visits, it was clear to everyone. After the shows in Russia, KYPCK took a clean break from doing shows. Despite wanting to focus on writing and recording some new material, the band insisted on keeping the concerts as special occasions, and turned down many offers for shows. Instead, work began on the next KYPCK album, Nizhe. With the debut done, almost experimenting, the band now had more experience and ¬– thanks to all the shows ¬– ¬a focused mind on what they wanted to do. Especially Seppänen felt that there was a lot more to be said and explored in terms of the lyrics. “I had a feeling I wanted to dig deeper into history and broaden the band’s horizons that way. Also, after the shows we did and the people we met, there was a more obvious personal angle to it. With the first album, I wrote for a projected audience. Now there was an actual audience,” Seppänen describes. Musically, too, the band had grown richer and everyone had their place inside the steel-beast cylinder. This was not to be another experiment ¬– this was a premeditated, rehearsed and well-executed bombing raid. The result is called Nizhe, which in English means “lower” and, as such, is a perfect description of the sound and atmosphere of KYPCK’s 2nd album. Written and recorded during 2009-2010, the album was released February 2011. Its listening party was held in Helsinki's prestigious Finnish National Theather – where else could the only foreign Russian-singing metal band hold this event, except in a theater built in a time when Finland was a part of Russia? KYPCK's 3rd album Imena Na Stene (The Names on the Wall) will be released on March 21st, 2014 through the label Ranka Kustannus. The package is a 6-panel digipak with a 16-page booklet including lyrics and English translations. The artwork is based on Petri Laurell's photos shot in the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine, next to what used to be the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl. A club tour for the spring is being booked, and the dates will be announced very soon. KYPCK also shot a new music video for the track Imya Na Stene recently in St. Petersburg. Tracklist: 01. Пророк (The Prophet) 02. Имя на стене (Name On The Wall) 03. Воскресение (Resurrection) 04. Дети Биркенау (The Children Of Birkenau) 05. Грязный герой The Filthy Hero) 06. Как философия губит самоотверженных, бескорыстных бюрократов (As Philosophy Ruins Unprejudiced, Selfless Bureaucrats) 07. Белорусский снег (Belarussian Snow) 08. Всегда так было (It’s Always Been This Way) 09. Этой песни нет (This Song Is Not) 10. Трос, грузовик и темный балкон (A Rope, A Truck And A Dark Balcony) Line-up: E. Seppänen - vocals S.S. Lopakka - guitars S. Kukkohovi - guitars J.T. Ylä-Rautio - bass A.K. Karihtala - drums Discography: Черно (Cherno) 2008 Ниже (Nizhe) 2011 Имена На Стене (Imena Na Stene) 2014 [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]