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"We're very lucky to be in the position where we have a ten year history, but are still making new music which sounds as fresh and exciting as anything else we've done in the past" says McKeegan. "We've still got the energy and enthusiasm to get out there and go for it" The gigs were brilliant because there were old fans there who had maybe not heard the last couple of albums, and new fans who weren't so familiar with the old stuff but both seemed to really get into it". At the London dates the band certainly seemed to go down well - with the bar taking over £100,000 over the three nights - the dubious honour of the most ever collected! After writing and demo-ing 20 new songs before Christmas 2000 the band were keen to start recording straight away, keeping everything fresh. This found them flying to Seattle in the first week of January to meet up with producer Jack Endino . 'We wanted to make a really guitar based, punk, rock 'n' roll album, and Jack knew how to get on record the sounds we had in our heads" explains Cairns. Amazingly, this was the first time the band had recorded outside the UK, and Endino was an inspiration having worked with almost every band to have come out of the city and the 'scene' (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Tad, Screaming Trees, Afghan Whigs, Soundgarden, Babes In Toyland …). 'Shameless' was recorded in 6 weeks, no messing around. "We made records like Teethgrinder in 1992 with dance and techno influences, now we just want to make pure rock records, that sound great live. We're older now, we don't write about teenage angst, we're more positive, up …but it's still powerful". Gimme (Back My Brain), the first (limited) single released from the album is a perfect example of classic Therapy? 2001, sounding like the Ramones moshing with Motorhead. "Yeah, it does sound quite Ramones-ish ….it wasn't written as a tribute or anything, in fact it was written before Joey died - but they've always been a favourite … ". 'This One's For You' is another 2 ½ minute fast and furious punk rocker and 'Stalk and Slash sounds like a horror movie soundtrack - rising to a crescendo as the track hurtles towards the end. This One's for You was written almost entirely around a quote attributed to Francis Bacon, allegedly made at the Colony Club in Soho where he announced "Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends." "I think we can all relate to that" smiles McKeegan. The band still show their dark, powerful streak on tracks such as 'Dance' and 'Theme From DeLorean', and the Stooges-esque 'Wicked Man'; whilst retaining their ability to weave a melody around the brutality of songs like 'Tango Romeo' and 'Endless Psychology' even using a Glitter band stomp on 'Body Bag Girl'. Starting with the sound of racing cars, 'Joey' was written about Northern Irelands' motor racing hero Joey Dunlop who died last July in an accident at a race in Estonia; and the rockabilly riffing on the track emulates the urgency of his life. 'I am the Money' is a dark, brooding, thundering song which Cairns describes as "our attempt to be Destiny's Child!" As to the future for Therapy?, they're all raring to go with a short US tour under their belt already this year and several European festivals lined up for the summer - the first UK show will be at Wembley Arena with Pantera and Slayer. "There are some fantastic US groups we've been listening to; Murder City Devils, Electric Frankenstein, Zen Guerrilla … " exclaims Cairns. Hopkins adds "There's loads of good stuff coming out just now, and hopefully young kids can hear the rock bands in the charts and go out and search for new bands; go to festivals and sniff out new stuff!" 'Shameless' kicks off the next 10 years of Therapy? - still relevant, still excited, still ambitious. "We never really fitted in any mould, so we've managed to outlive any fashion" muses McCarrick. Therapy? = Shameless = There's much more to come! THERAPY? …. A brief history 1990      in Northern Ireland Andy Cairns (guitars & vocals) and Fyfe Ewing (drums) met at a gig and left their jobs after recruiting Ewing's schoolmate Michael McKeegan (bass). After lots of practicing and several demos' they released 1000 copies of their debut single 'Meat Abstract' on their own label and started attracting some radio attention. The band then signed to indie label Wiiija after a chance meeting with the label boss at a Silverfish gig. 1991      "the Meat Abstract 7" is released by Wiiija in July as part of the Babyteeth mini album. This tops the UK indie charts and the band do extensive UK touring with the likes of Babes in Toyland and Hole. A short European tour also occurs leading to the early retirement of one less hard crew member." 1992      another mini album 'Pleasure Death' is released in January featuring the classic 'Potato Junkie' which contains the memorable lyric "James Joyce is fucking my sister" (still a live favourite!). This again tops the UK indie charts and even hits the mainstream album chart at number 27!! The band sign to A&M Records and record their first full-length album 'Nurse' in Wales and Ireland. Debut festival appearances at the Reading Festival and Finsbury Park (supporting the Cult and Pearl Jam). 'Teethgrinder' is the first single to be taken from it in October - the video is described as 'mental vomit'. Touring this time features the bands first venture to the US of A. Culture shock is assured. 1993      in March the band headline the 'Bigmoneylooza' tour with Silverfish and Gallon Drunk to co-incide with the release of the 'Shortsharpshock EP' (a UK top ten hit). It's followed up by the 'Face the Strange' EP (featuring their press officer in kinky stockings, flippers and a gas mask on the cover). A return journey to the US sees 2 months of touring with Helmet and the Jesus Lizard. The road tightened band return to Europe for a string of festival dates finishing of the year with a sold out show in their hometown of Belfast. 1994      a new album 'Troublegum' is released in February 1994, which is nominated for the Mercury Music Prize Award. The band undergo a year of intensive touring including Donnington and Reading festivals, and taking them to the far off shores of Japan, Australia and New Zealand (in the company of the likes of Sick of it All, Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails and the "Cop Killer" himself Ice T). 1995      new year, new album - 'Infernal Love' was recorded in six weeks and the DJ David Holmes created music to link the songs together. The band again toured all over the world with an unforgettable gig in Rio with Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper in front of 200,000 people. The band are also accused of drinking 117 liters of beer in Munich …! Therapy? became (surely) the only band to play Donnington wearing pink frilly shirts and opening with a Joy Division song (Isolation). The year ends with the release of the Husker Du cover Diane, with the profits given to rape crisis charities, and a gig at London's Brixton Academy whilst a riot went off outside. 1996      the prospect of another 5 month US tour sees the departure of drummer Fyfe Ewing from the band and he is replaced by Irishman Graham Hopkins. Cellist/guitarist Martin McCarrick, who had performed with the band on the previous three albums and subsequent tours, joins the band full-time. They are given a baptism of fire at a low key pub gig in Dublin! The band then fly to the States where the tour sees them play their own club shows as well as supporting Ozzy Osbourne at several stadium gigs. 1997      the band play a secret gig in Dublin on St Patrick's Day broadcast by MTV across Europe. Work started on Semi-detached with the band broadening their sound by using a variety of producers and studios throughout England and Northern Ireland. 1998      after a lengthy UK break, the band makes a surprise appearance at the NME Awards gigs in January. The new album 'Semi-Detached' is released in March, preceded by the single 'Church of Noise'. The band tour the UK and Europe up to the end of the year but their record label A&M is bought by the mighty Universal group who promptly closed it down. 1999      not a great start to the year with Graham breaking his arm and no dealing place but they did have loads of great new songs, new enthusiasm and quickly a new deal in place with Ark 21. They record 'Suicide Pact - You First' (a fuck-you title if ever there was one) which is released in the autumn and the band tour Europe and the UK extensively. 2000      starting with a 13 date UK tour in February/March, the band then decide to catalogue their past and compile 'So Much for the Ten Year Plan 'A Retrospective 1990 - 2000'. 2 new tracks are included on the album and previewed at the 'Lost Weekend' at London Docklands in the summer. The album is released in October and the shows are a riot across Europe with new and old fans alike. 2001      the band begins recording in the 1st week of January in Seattle, come home, then return for a short US tour. The band give the new songs their debut airing at several European festivals and the first release, 'Gimme Back My Brain' is scheduled for the end of July, with the album 'Shameless' to follow in the Autumn. Expect intensive touring into 2002. 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