[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Seamount Fotos Earthmother Seamount Facebook Release: The Church Within Records Release date: 10.11.2012 Distribution G /A / S : Alive Distribution UK & Worldwide: Code 7 / Plastic Head Info: Seamount formed in 2007 with the meeting of German guitarist Tim Schmidt and American singer Phil Swanson. After demoing songs together via long distance they eventually recorded an albums worth of material that originally appeared as a free executable digital download that included in its files an interactive program with complete artwork, lyrics, credits and audio. As it gained popularity with its numerous downloads Seamount and Merciless Records joined forces in 2008 to release a hard copy debut in double gatefold vinyl format with added bonus tracks under the name “ntodrm” an abbreviated term standing for “new torch of doom rock music” which originally stemmed from Tim and Phils first discussion when Phil critiqued Seamounts music as carrying “the new torch of doom”, the term also appeared in the song from the album titled “Torch of Doom”. After a short European tour in Germany that included the opening of the first Hammer of Doom festival Seamount came to make a deal with the highly respected Church Within Records to quickly release their lengthy and ambitious sophomore effort “Light II Truth” in 2009 on CD format as well as Merciless release the long-awaited CD version of “ntodrm”. Another tour followed that made way for a successful opening of the legendary Doom Shall Rise festival and there after the release of third and most acclaimed release “Sacrifice” in 2010. Once again Seamount took to the road in Europe under the lead of Church Within records and labelmates Serpent Venom and Orchid before beginning work on their latest 4th release and first concept effort titled “Eartmother” schedule for release in the later part of 2012. Phil Swanson states: “This is the first concept record of sorts by Seamount. It was inspired by a friend and the change she made in me and how I look at life. Also by some revelations I had in a very deep and dark conversation with another friend when he helped me realize perhaps I have been hiding behind the negative because I had never witnessed the positive. Theres a simple tool to use when listening to this record. On the surface it plays like a spiritually themed storyline but if you replace the idea of faith and religion with “love” and god with the “one you love” then you can read between the lines. It is dedicated to the “greatest love” something Ive always wondered about and admired. I have a better understanding of what it is now and how we ourselves own our love and make it as strong as we choose. Its how much we are willing to give and offer not how much we receive. That’s why it can be “blind” at times. We create love the same as we create God, its our faith in it that makes it what it is.” Discography: ntodrm 2008 - Merciless Records Light II Truth 2009 - Church Within Records Sacrifice 2010 - Church Within Records Earthmother 2012 - Church Within Records [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]