[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Brymir Fotos Breathe Fire To The Sun Brymir www.brymir.com Release: Spinefarm Records / Soulfood 27.05.2011 Info: There's definitely something in the Finnish tap water these days, as the Land of the thousand lakes has suddenly become a hotbed for epic pagan metal. Helsinki's Brymir's take on the subject is like its name: in the Norse folklore, the ice giant Ymir gave his life to create this world, Miðgarðr. After its end in the fires of Ragnarök the souls of the honourable shall feast eternally in the sacred hall of Brimir. So, since ages past the wise have known that even an apocalypse is in the end nothing but another beginning. Births and deaths; Brimir and Ymir; before and after; in the end are one, of the same endless continuum. The lives and deaths, the lights and shadows of our world are all heard in Brymir's epic heathen metal. They combine the melodies of ages past with the sound of modern innovation; carved in the genre of metal whose power, energy and liberty suit our souls so well; and decorated with monumental orchestrations, seeking to soar to the stars in honour of eternities. This contribution was born out of endless respect for the nature around us, our predecessors and the future we are yet to see, but also from a fiery dedication to create, innovate and achieve; to carve a place and carry the banner onward in honour and freedom. Prepare for an unforgiving onslaught of metal: from the extremes of black/death metal to heroic power hymns, with tempos varying from lightning fast blasts to pounding marches, guitar solos both technical and atmospheric, headbanging riffs and all of it topped with intensely melodic, symphonic passages; beautiful melodies seamlessly intertwining with merciless aggression and furious screams. With the boundless ambition and energy of youth; with honour, hope and hate; unforgotten the wisdoms of past generations, with the most impressive debut of 2011, "Breathe Fire To The Sun", Brymir take the first steps on the path they have chosen and carved. Tearing down stale preconceptions of pagan metal, creating new worlds for the listener to explore and wonder. Tracklist: 01. Intro 02. Unconquerable 03. In Silence 04. A Free Man’s Path 05. Burning Within 06. Withering Past 07. Cycle Of Flame 08. Ragnarök 09. Retribution 10. Breathe Fire To The Sun Line-up: Viktor Gullichsen - Lead Vocals Janne Björkroth - Keyboards & B. Vocals Joona Björkroth - Guitar & B. Vocals Sean Haslam - Guitar Sami Hänninen - Drums Jarkko Niemi - Bass & B. Vocals [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]