[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Arstidir Lifsins Fotos Þættir úr sögu norðrs (EP) ARSTIDIR LIFSINS Website / Facebook Release: Ván Records / Soulfood 28.03.2014 Info: The idea to approach Old Norse literature and art in a musically and lyrically sophisticated way gave birth to Árstíðir lífsins ('The Seasons of Life') which was founded by Stefán in 2008. Due to Stefán's earlier experiences, Black Metal was chosen as the musical form, although traditional Folk as well as Ambient were to be incorporated right from the beginning. The band consists of known and experienced members from bands such as German Helrunar or Kerbenok and Icelandic band Carpe Noctem. After two full length albums in 2010 and 2012 and a split 2CD/LP with German band Helrunar, a long overdue sign of life shall be presented by Ván Records under the name of 'Þættir úr sögu norðrs'. This piece of medieval Icelandic bloodshed and pagan praise will be released in late March 2014 by the band's well known record partner, on Digipack CD and Vinyl, including all lyrics in Old Icelandic and English. Translated from Old Icelandic as (medieval) 'Short Stories from the History of the North', the MCD/LP contains three new songs by this critically acclaimed international outfit. 'Þættir úr sögu norðrs' was composed in Germany by Stefán and recorded in several different places in Iceland and Germany during the year 2013 with the other members. The mixing and mastering process was completed at known Klangschmiede Studio E (Secrets of the Moon, Helrunar, Eluveitie, Alcest) in December 2013 by Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak). The first two hymns, 'Þórsdrápa I & II' are yet another epic musical journey back to mythic 10th century Iceland. 'Þórsdrápa' represents the band's very own homage to the same-named praise poem, composed in honour and reverence of the heathen deity Þórr. Entirely sung in Old Icelandic they contain the original wording of this 10th century work or art by Icelandic skald Eilífr Goðrúnarson. The final song on this EP, 'Hrafns þáttr réttláta' ('The Tale of Hrafn the Righteous'), represents another, elder aspect of the Icelandic medieval literature. Both the lyrical concept and the recording itself goes back to the recording sessions of the band's highly acclaimed second album 'Vápna lækjar eldr' which dealt with the theme of bloond-feuds between families in 10th century Iceland. On 'Hrafns þáttr réttláta', a story of similar inspiration is presented, packed in the epic and diverse musical shape for which the band is known since their well-received debut album 'Jötunheima dolgferð'. Also, with 'Hrafns þáttr réttláta' a very significant change in the band's setup comes to the surface. Georg (Drautran) has left Árstíðir lífsins due to personal reasons a while ago. Thus, 'Hrafns þáttr réttláta', the lyrics of which were written by Georg, could be considered his swansong to the band's discography and we wish him only the best for his future endeavors. The remaining core of the band, that is Árni, Marsél and Stefán, will stay as a trio. The aforementioned 'Þórsdrápa I & II' present, however, a veritable hint of what is to come in the near future: Árstíðir lífsins' third album named 'Aldaföðr ok munka dróttinn' is scheduled for summer 2014 and will again draw on the vivid medieval past of the Icelanders. The future looks Norse! Tracklist: 1. Þórsdrápa I (06:36) 2. Þórsdrápa II (07:27) 3. Hrafns þáttr réttláta (08:52) Line-up: Stefán (Kerbenok / DE): Guitars, bass, vocals & choirs Árni (Carpe Noctem / IS): Drums, double bass, viola, vocals & choirs Marsél (Helrunar / DE): Storyteller, vocals & choirs Sveinn (Kerbenok / DE): Horn, keyboards & effects Bjartur (IS): Viola [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]