[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > The Grotesquery > > Album story The Grotesquery Fotos Album story The Facts And Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales The Grotesquery www.facebook.com/thegrotesquery In-depth view on the story behind the album 1. The Madness (Of Mason Hamilton) 2. A Terrifying Testament 3. Arrival: Tomb Of Toads 4. Beware They Who Burrow Death 5. Gaze Of Ghatanathoa (I Had A Nightmare) 6. Amongst Black Slime And Mushroom People 7. The Cthulhu Prophecy 8. Tsathoggua – The Black God Of N’Kai 9. Entrapped Within Atlach-Nacha’s Web 10. Psychopompos Lamentations For A Dying World 11. Dreams Of Terrors In Darkness & Horrors Out Of Shadows Shortly after WW II, in the summer of 1946, Miskatonic University began excavation on the ruins of the Ward Estate just outside of Arklay Mountain in upstate Massachusetts. The Estate was burned down sometime in the mid 20's, when the owner Professor Lewis Christian Ward was thought to have gone insane, burning both the mansion and himself with it. {Side Note: *Remains of a partially burnt diary have been discovered on the dig site. Thought to be a personal journel of Professor Ward himself. Further research into deciphering and peicing together the journel are underway. The journel has been sent to the Department of Antiquities at Miskatonic University.} - (*TALES OF THE COFFIN BORN) However, owner ship of the estate was entrusted to Wards only remaining relative; his son Mathew Damien Ward. Yet, it was never ascertained if Mathew was even ever alive. It was reported that Mathew had died at child birth. This was the unfortunate case that also took the life of Mathew's mother and wife of Lewis, Mrs. Marcella Ward. This was also assumed to be the regrettable misfortune that caused Lewis to sink into a deep depression, which was to have later triggered his insanity. Although, when Miskatonic researchers exhumed Mrs. Ward's tomb, it was to discover an empty coffin, and rumors spread that perhaps Ward himself removed her body and that of his son during his long years of isolation and insanity. Further excavation of the estate stumbled upon an underground labyrinth of complex tunnels. A maze of torment is what some of the early researchers described it as. It was a complete macabre horror show. Full of corpses and mummies, which obviously Ward was stealing from the nearby cemetery. Something he seemed to be setting up in grotesque displays and twisted ghastly exhibits throughout the tunnels. It seemed he been at this morbid work for years before finally deciding to end his own miserable life. Deep within this maze, it was discovered an anti-chamber. A sort of bizarre laboratory of sorts, and with-in this strange place was found to have housed many occult literature and volumes on occult sciences. Most of which already existed in the Miskatonic Occult Libraries. However, in the center of this chamber was a sort of crude alter. Upon that alter was found three inscribed clay tablets and a tattooed goat skin map. Later it was discovered that the three clay tablets belonged to the Chthonian era, predating some of the oldest Sumerian tablets by close to 1000 years. Making them some of the oldest written language tablets found (c. 3000 b.c.). The first two tablets seem to describe some sort of incantation ritual. Perhaps describing some sort of an ancient summoning or sacrificial rite to the old gods. However, the third tablet was found to contain some sort of crude hieroglyphs. Something that Miskatonic occult scientist said was the earliest depiction of the gods. Also, upon the dried goat skin was a map to the whereabouts of the place the three tablets had been originally stored. The place was an undiscovered island off the Eastern coast of Iceland, just southwest of Norway. And it is here where this story begins.... and ends. THE FACTS CONCERNING MASON HAMILTON. In the winter of 1946, Mason Hamilton - lone survivor of a Miskatonic University expedition onto a mysterious uncharted island was found guilty and charged for the murder and disappearence of 21 individuals. Hamilton was also found mentally insane, and was institutionalized. Shortly after his incarceration, Hamilton fell into a catatonic state. Hamilton was 23 years old at this time. For years he has been a secret study of the very same University he once attended. In the summer of 2012, Mason Hamilton awoke from his slumber... to tell his side of the story. Hamilton hasn't aged a day in over 76 years. What happened to Hamilton and the 21 other men that landed upon that island? Why was Hamilton the only one to return? What horrors shall Hamilton disclose about the terrifying expierences he encountered? What warnings does Hamilton speak of for the future of all of mankind? What is it that lurks beneath the surface of the earth? Why has Hamilton only just now awoken to tell his tale? What is the dream he speaks of, and the thing he fears in the deep depths? And just what is it that Hamilton himself has become? [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]