[ Bands ] [ Fotos ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Kontakt ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] Startseite > > Bands > > Archiv > > Malfeitor Fotos Incubus Malfeitor www.myspace.com/malfeitor666 Release: Agonia Records / Twilight Info: After the killer debut album “Unio Mystica Maxima” (Scarlet/SPV) in 2007, Malfeitor announce the release of their lethal second chapter called “Incubus”. "Malfeitor combines crushingly fresh sounding black metal with the spirit of the ancient masters. Totally devastating and pure to the core" - says Bard G. Eithun "Faust" (ex Emperor, Blood Tsunami...) The new songs are still very much in the vein of forefathers such as i.e. Marduk, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Watain or early Immortal. However, MALFEITOR manage to melt both elements of the ancient Swedish as well as the old Norwegian scene into one logical unit. As far as I can judge by listening to just four songs of "Incubus", this must be one hell of a good Black Metal album where you get what you expect. (Christian Wachter / Legacy Megazine) It has just been known as a project of Aborym's M. Fabbans, but this second album proves that the band has his own say. Cold, venomous, merciless, fast black metal as we know from "Unio Mystica Maxima" got his own character and intensity, getting even more aggressive and blasphemous. An incredibly disgusting and corpse reeking riff rules this record all over the place. The Italian Pandora's box has just been re-opened - you have been warned... (Arkadiusz Lerch / Metal Hammer) The opus will come to light the 31st of August. Nine disturbing hymns of unspeakable darkness and qliphotic introspection through the Left Hand Path, and a sonic post-V.I.T.R.I.O.L. sigil filled with deadly antisaturnian chtonian vibrations. Tracklist: 1. Down with Me 2. Into the Qliphot of Golachab 3. Mysterious,Mystical, Majestic 4. Promethean Fire 5. Typhonian Gods 6. Dark Saturnian Chaos 7. The Other Half 8. Void of Voids 9. Incubus 10. Antisaturno (Thùnapsù) Biography: January 2006 Malfeitor is born. A new grotesque creature consisting of M:Fabban (Aborym) on vocals and bass guitar and Atum (ex Biastema - Kvntvr – Tundra) on drums. Malfeitor is NOT a Fabban’s side project exclusively, but a 100% new Black Metal band, ready to spread chaos-music. February 2006 Rehearsals sessions begin ; first two songs nailed down in few days. May / July 2006 More songs completed ; a couple of rehearsal demo were recorded during this period , though never released. First lyrics are taking form. October 2006 Most of the material featured in the debut album is completed in its raw version; another (yet unreleased) 5-tracks demo is recorded. November 2006 After several months of searching for a guitarist Munholy joins the band. The three piece lineup is now stable. Unio Mystica Maxima is born. December 2006 Malfeitor’s first ritual on stage in Rome with Vidharr , Hiems and Forgotten Tomb. March 2007 A rehearsal session in Tuscany is caught on tape , this version of ‘In This Place Forever’ will be featured in the upcoming split with the norwegian band Amok. April 2007 After one year of hard work, after 8 months spent for the song-writing, after months of hard researches in order to find a fuckin’ guitar player in the Rome-area, after the introduction-gig in Rome , Malfeitor enter Temple of Noise studio to fix their first sygil. The first step into the fucking hell, the first fucking blasphemous spell against humanity and its hopeless future. Fuck ya all! June 2007 Malfeitor sign a 1-album-deal with Scarlet Records, the label who launched the first two Aborym’s album in 1999 and 2001. The session live bass player Nighthorn from Hour of Penance joins the band ; M:Fabban will concentrate on vocals only for an undefined period. Portugal’s War Arts Productions is about to release the Malfeitor / Amok Split. A limited edition Gatefold 7" EP; 666 handnumbered copies. July 2007 Malfeitor / Amok split is out through War Arts Productions (www.war-arts-productions.com) The graphics for Unio Mystica Maxima are almost completed , a taste of the front cover , signed by HVC [Poisoned To Reality, Brazil] is available. August 2007 Hell-IO-Kabbalus joins Malfeitor as second gutarist , the new line-up is now complete. September 2007 Unio Mystica Maxima is out through Scarlet Records , available both in CD and Vynil format. First reviews spawn , with the major magazines in Italy (Grind Zone , Metal Hammer , Metal shock) and Europe (Legacy (Germany) , Scream (Norway) ) describing UMM as a new masterpiece in Black Metal history. Malfeitor are ready to test the new line-up with a live weekend , supporting the swedish band Shining. Two gigs are held in Milan (with Frangar , Death Dies and Homselvareg) and Pescara (with Frangar and Sturmkaiser). February 2008 Malfeitor hail the new bass player Urizen and thank Nighthorn for the months of great partnership, great gigs and the good times spent together. From now on, M:Fabban will take care of vocals only. The new lineup is now complete and working on the material that will compose their new release, planned to be out in 2008 through Agonia Records. September 2008 The band is now ready to enter the studio to record their second full length album, entitled "Incubus". Recording sessions will begin in late september at "Le Serpent Rouge Studio", Rome. In the meanwhile, bass player Urizen decides to leave the band due to personal reasons, so M:Fabban will take care of the bass parts in this recording. [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [BILD] [BILD]