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Dissonance Productions
Distribution: Soulfood


Brand new studio album from NWOBHM legends SALEM!

SALEM is a Heavy Metal band hailing from Hull, England. They were formed in 1979 following the split of the new wave of British heavy metal band Ethel The Frog. Dissonance Productions are proud to announce the release of the bands 3rd album titled "Attrition". The album was recorded at Hairy Monster Studios in Hull. Developing from the up-beat theme of "Forgotten Dreams" (2013) and the more reflective mood of "Dark Days" (2016), lead guitarist Paul Macnamara described the third studio as a little "edgier", but with the same Salem heavy and melodic approach.

"Taking Control" - Official track stream: https://youtu.be/o8mqdAmL9Ic


1. Attrition
2. Black and White
3. I'm the One
4. Lest We Forget
5. My Only Son
6. Sights of Wonder
7. Stay With Me
8. Taking Control
9. Warning Sings
10. We Are Gods
11. Isolation

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