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The Silver Lining
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SCARLETH is a remarkable and experienced Ukrainian metal band, combining modern heaviness with diverse melody. The band’s style is constantly expanding and represents a mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres – from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. Within the years SCARLETH proved their live qualities on many live shows and festivals and deserves to be called one of the outstanding young musical representatives of its style. “The Silver Lining” is the band’s second full-length album, the debut “Break The Silence” was released in 2011.


1. Night Of Lies
2. Double Memory
3. The Gates Of Dark Sun
4. Voices
5. Dying Alone
6. One Short Life
7. Before The Night Falls
8. Pure Desire
9. Last Hope


Victor Morozov – guitar
Irina Makukha – vocals
Oksana Element – extreme vocals
Anastasia Dmitrieva – keyboards
Vladimir Ishchuk – keyboards
Max Morton – bass
Dmitry Smotrov – drums