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Ranka Kustannus
26.01.2018 (GER/A/CH)


Ranka Kustannus proudly presents the new and third album of Finnish Melodic Deathers BLOODRED HOURGLASS, also known as BRHG!

The history of the project roots back to 2005, when the first self-made demo was scratched together. The band's accolades already before getting signed include a notable bunch of festival appearances at major Finnish festivals and even some radio airplay, the latter being a thing which in Finnish corporate media climate is about as common as encountering a snowbird in Hell.

The band’s first full length studio album “Lifebound” was released in 2012 with the help of the Finnish metal behemoth, Spinefarm Records. Due to unfortunate circumstances (changes in the label personnel) the co-operation was called quits soon after. Three years later, it was time for the band’s second outing: the crushing "Where the Oceans Burn" was released to critical acclaim via OneManArmy Records in October 2015.
BLOODRED HOURGLASS combines elements and influences from various different musical genres, main focus obviously being on Metal. Fast drum patterns, thrashy riffage among big guitar walls, a lot of melodic atmosphere due to keyboards together with growling and screaming aggressive vocals are the main architects behind the sound of this five man band. Despite the variety of influences and different type of elements you can hear in their material, the band feels their music is closest to be described as melodic death metal. Feet firmly planted on the ground the band’s lyrical themes are focused on individual’s experience of everyday life, as well as aspects of environmental issues.
“Heal’s” lavish melodies and rip-your-face-off rifforama sees BRHG taking a progressive leap and entering the upper echelon of Finnish band ready for international breakthrough.


1. Quiet Complaint
2. The Last Of Us
3. Architects
4. We Form The Broken
5. Remnants
6. Six Feet Saviour
7. Times We Had
8. Divinia
9. Requiem Of Our Last Days


Jarkko Koukonen - vocals
Antti Nenonen - lead guitar
Jose Moilanen - bass
Jarkko Hyvönen - drums
Lauri Silvonen – guitar

the hard side of life
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