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Dark Descent Records
Distribution: Soulfood (GER), Sound Pollution (SWE), Code7/PHD (UK)


Colorado Death Metal band BLOOD INCANTATION was formed in 2011 by Paul Riedl and Isaac Faulk. The intent was to explore ancient, esoteric and metaphysical philosophical themes with music as intense, seemingly chaotic and ever-changing as the universe itself. Unable to find like-minded musicians, the pair worked on primitive material in isolation until in 2012 Morris Kolontyrsky entered the constellation on 2nd guitar and in early 2013 the first rehearsal tapes began circulating (“Blood Incantation” and “Demo II”). By July they were ready to record but still had no bassist, so Damon Good (of STARGAZER) was called in to assist with slithering fretless bass for the session. A total of five tracks were recorded (four new songs for an EP and the oldest for a split 7”), each showcasing multiple styles of riffing and arrangement, from the technical and classic to the more twisted and atmospheric, with many changes throughout. July also saw their first show, which was recorded and spread in limited quantities under the title “Live Necrosis”. Progress with the EP was slow, but the band continued pushing their music into other dimensions with increasingly alien material, working toward a full length. In early 2014 the “Astral Spells” promo was released, containing rough studio transmissions and additional live recordings from 2013. Distributed as far as Europe, the tape attracted the interest of Dark Descent records, who signed the band for the formal release of “Interdimensional Extinction” in August 2015. September saw the release of a split 7” with SPECTRAL VOICE by Woodsmoke & Bleak Environment. With the addition of Jeff Barrett on fretless bass, they embarked on the “West Coast Extinction” tour in October before heading East to play Matyrdoom Festival IV in November. By the time they entered Denver’s World Famous Studios this January, 1000 LPs and nearly 2000 CDs of “Interdimensional Extinction” had sold. The resulting album “Starspawn” is a cerebral whirlwind of powerful Atmospheric Death Metal. Produced entirely in analog, the energy and magnetism of live BLOOD INCANTATION is tangibly melting through the speakers, and the songwriting, production and performance constellations have all fully aligned.

The intense and otherworldly technical/ambient/funeral death metal of “Starspawn” will floor you like no other, leaving your soul feeling transcendentally disembodied at the end of an unknown dimension. With appearances at California Death Fest and Covenant Festival (Canada) already on the horizon, and an even more extensive US tour this September, the worldwide spread of the BLOOD INCANTATION tentacles into all orbits is as inevitable as your own death and this galaxy’s violent collapse.


1. Vitrification Of Blood (Part 1)
2. Chaoplasm
3. Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)
4. Meticulous Soul Devourment
5. Starspawn


Blood Incantation - MC 2013
Demo II - MC 2013
Astral Spells - MC 2014
Interdimensional Extinction - LP/CD 2015
Starspawn - Debut full length LP/CD/MC 2016


Jeff Barrett - Fretless Bass
Isaac Faulk – Drums
Paul Riedl - Guitars/Vocals
Morris Kolontyrsky – Guitars

the hard side of life
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