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World Peace... Cosmic War


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


The reservoir of new Swedish Metal bands seems to be just endless. Hot on the trails of High Roller recording artists Ambush, Air Raid, Lethal Steel, and so many others, there is ARMORY, a speed metal outfit from the lovely city of Gothenburg. Originally formed in the late summer of 2012 (out of the ashes of a band called Resurrector), ARMORY recorded their first demo »Open Fire« in December 2012, followed by »S.M.I.« (short for “Speed Metal Island”, referring to the island Hisingen in Gothenburg, where the band is located).

»World Peace … Cosmic War« is the name of ARMORY's debut album on High Roller Records. It was recorded (live) at Black Path Studios, produced by Oscar of RAM fame.

“We do indeed see ourselves as a speed metal band,” comments guitarist Gustav Sundin. “Our main influences are a mix between the really early American speed/thrash metal acts such as Agent Steel, Savage Grace and Helstar and some of the really classic bands such as Iron Maiden, Running Wild and Judas Priest.”

The superb cover art of »World Peace … Cosmic War« (as well as some of the song titles and lyrics) might lead the public to speculate about the ten songs following a certain concept. According to Gustav Sundin, however, that's not the case: “ No, »World Peace … Cosmic War« isn't really a complete concept album. The two songs 'Spinning Towards Doom' and 'Without Days, Without Years' are closely interlinked though, these are both meant to function as individual stories about the downfall of mankind.”

The guitar work on »World Peace … Cosmic War« is quite outstanding, so many listeners will view ARMORY as a sort of guitar-driven band. ”I totally understand why you can get this impression while listening to our music,” states Gustav Sundin. ”For us as a band it’s all or nothing – all the time!”

What a fitting motto for a band like ARMORY.


1. World Peace (Intro)
2. Cosmic War
3. High Speed Death
4. Hell's Fast Blades
5. Spinning Towards Doom
6. Without Days, Without Years
7. Artificial Slavery
8. Phantom Warrior
9. Final Breath
10. Space Marauders


Konstapel P - Vocals
G.Sundin - Guitars
Ingelman - Guitars
Anglegrinder - Bass
Ace - Drums

the hard side of life
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