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Strange Rites Of Evil


Horror Records
Release date: 24.12.2015 (LP) + 25.01.2016 (MC)


ABYSMAL GRIEF have returned from the grave with their fourth full length album entitled “Strange Rites of Evil”. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and with no signs of slowing down, this orchestra of necromantical doom have become one of the most persistent both in terms of consistency and following their very own vision.

Reunited with original drummer Lord of Fog, “Strange Rites of Evil” shows the band from their most vile and scornful side while still keeping intact the sound they have come to be known for.

As always revolving around Death itself, the lyrical content of this album was mainly inspired by the Catholic religion and its fearful superstitions of their native Italy.

Always based on simple yet extremely heavy and infectious guitar riffs, the six songs on the album (with one being a cover of the early ‘70s Pentagram-related Bedemon) are as captivating as they are vile, as beautiful as they are grim, with the sum of the individual musicians becoming greater than the sum of their parts and creating a sound which is both powerful, dark and unlike any other band.

The band will be embark on their “Lords of Dark Sound” European tour together with fellow Italian Dark Sound masters Epitaph in April!


1. Nomen Omen
2. Strange Rites of Evil
3. Cemetery
4. Child of Darkness [Bedemon cover]
5. Radix Malorum
6. Dressed in Black Cloaks


“Funereal” demo 1998
“Mors te Audit” demo 1999
“Exsequia Occulta” CD-single 2000
“Hearse” 7” EP 2002
“Creatures from the Grave” 7” EP 2004 [split with Tony Tears]
“Mors Eleison” mini-LP/MC 2006
“Abysmal Grief” LP/CD 2007
“The Samhain Feast” 7” EP 2009
“Brides of the Goat” 7” EP 2009 [split with Denial Of God]
“Misfortune” LP/CD 2009
“Celebrate what they Fear” 7” EP 2013
“Feretri” LP/CD/MC 2013
“We Lead the Procession” LP/CD/MC 2014
“Hymn of the Afterlife” 12” EP 2015 [split with Runes order]
“Strange Rites of Evil” LP/CD/MC 2015


Regen Graves: Guitars, synths
Labes C. Necrothytus: Vocals, keyboards
Lord Alastair: Bass
Lord of Fog: Drums

the hard side of life
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