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EREB ALTOR: Rock Hard Germany launches exclusive full album stream

Germany’s renowned Rock Hard Megazine launches an exclusive stream of EREB ALTORs upcoming album “Fire Meets Ice”. The album can be streamed from Friday, 19th July until 26th July. Check it out at www.rockhard.de!

The album was recorded and mixed at Studio Apocalypse by Jonas Lindström in spring 2013 and delivers once more pure Epic Black/Doom metal to carry on Quorthon’s spirit! “Fire Meets Ice” will be released 26th July via Cyclone Empire (Europe + rest of the world) and in autumn via Metal Blade (USA, Canada)!

www.erebaltor.com / www.facebook.com/ErebAltorOfficial

MOUNTAIN THRONE enter the studio

Germany’s MOUNTAIN THRONE has entered the studio to record their debut full-length album, set to be released later 2013.

The band comments: “Mountain Throne is busy recording their first full album “Stormcoven”. Eight lively tunes of true & ancient Heavy Metal in roughly 40 minutes (vinyl-optimized album-structure for perfect symmetry) will be hammered on tape in the coming weeks; with tales about life, death, women, men, man & beast. One or two musical surprises included, but no worries - no hype, no hipster-shit, no vegan crap or “occult” 70ies Doom Rock: just unadulterated crushing Heavy Metal! The “Stormcoven”-LP further marks the arrival of new bassplayer S., a veteran Heavy Metal machine: welcome aboard! Trust in fate and have no fear!”


GENERAL CHAOS – first impressions from the recordings

The amazing GENERAL CHAOS has called from the studio and also sent some first impressions of the killer riffings and the recording session for his second full-length album, which should be coming still in 2013.

The name of this upcoming fist-in-face album will be “Passage To Mayhem” and besides the short teaser clip from the studio, which can be checked here, you can also check some paparazzi pix from the depths of the studio hell in which our mighty GENERAL is massively chilling and thrilling right now: Pix - Studio 2013 Drums / Pix - Studio 2013 Guitars

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