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MARIUS DANIELSEN – New lyric video - 'Tower of Knowledge'

Norwegian all-rounder MARIUS DANIELSEN proudly presents the second single of his upcoming new album "Legend of Valley Doom - Part 2"!

The lyric video for "Tower of Knowledge" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/u0bAB1Mpb4g

The highly anticipated second part of "Legend of Valley Doom" will be released via Crime on November 30th 2018. Be prepared for breathtaking songwriting performed by some of the best metal musicians of our time and guided by a fantastic storyline. This is symphonic and epic Power Metal at its best!

Pre-orders are possible here: shop.crimerecords.no (physical versions with bonus track) + bandcamp.crimerecords.no (digital version)

1. King Thorgan's Hymn
2. Rise of the Dark Empire
3. Gates of Eunomia
4. Tower of Knowledge
5. Visions of the Night
6. Crystal Mountains
7. By the Dragon's Breath
8. Under the Silver Moon
9. Angel of Light
10. Princess Lariana's Forest
11. Temple of the Ancient God (https://youtu.be/yHC6VlDn13A)
12. We Stand Together
13. Tower of Knowledge (Vinny Appice Version / CD-BONUSTRACK)
14. Crystal Mountains (Vinny Appice Version / VINYL-BONUSTRACK)


CHAPEL OF DISEASE - New Video & Pre-sales

German Death & Heavy Metal Innovators CHAPEL OF DISEASE have revealed a video for their new track "Song Of The Gods"!


The band's new album, "...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye", will be released on 23rd November 2018 via Ván Records.

Pre-Sales are possible now: www.van-records.de

Release show (with Sulphur Aeon): 22.12. Club Volta / Köln (GER)

1. Void Of Words
2. Oblivious – Obnoxious – Defiant
3. Song Of The Gods
4. Null
5. 1.000 Different Paths
6. The Sound Of Shallow Grey


IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE - New album 'Lawa' out now

Polish Black-Deathers IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE have unleashed a special release - “Law” is out now!

Released by the band in cooperation with Left Hand Sounds a year after the lauded fourth full-length “Vanitas”, “Lawa” is yet another step into the sonic realm of Metal Śmierci, a rift between the fundamental principles of black and death metal, yet this time taken even further, into more atmospheric, idiosyncratic and surreal directions. It’s an exorcism, during which the spirits are unbound into a November night and dance among the living. Come, join the celebration of the weird!

The complete album is available for streaming at this location: https://youtu.be/A21fbU3Br84

CD and digital versions are available here: https://intwilightsembrace.bandcamp.com

LP release will follow in early spring 2019.

The band states: “In the evening of Forefathers' Eve or All Saints’ Day to others, we are one with our Dead. To honor them and to communicate with the netherworlds, we unleash “Lawa”, a work of music and word meant to mark the significance of this very day in the culture of our homeland. Sung entirely in Polish, “Lawa” captures what we think is the essence of the Polish spirit: a boiling mixture of insane passion, belief in the supernatural, death worship and dwelling on the past. Drawing inspiration from both the famous poetic drama “Dziady” ("Forefathers' Eve") by Adam Mickiewicz and its psychedelic movie rendition “Lawa” (1989) by Tadeusz Konwicki, the new work of In Twilight's Embrace is the proof that romantic traditions are still the cornerstone of Poland’s DNA and cultural paradigm. For better or worse. Or bitter, if you will.”

1. Zaklęcie (The Spell)
2. Dziś wzywają mnie podziemia (The netherworlds beckon me today)
3. Krew (Blood)
4. Pełen czerni (Blackfilled)
5. Ile trwa czas (How long does time last)
6. Żywi nieumarli (Alive undead)

13th December, Poznań (PL), Klub u Bazyla, “Lawa” release party
15th December, Berlin (DE), De Mortem et Diabolum at Columbia Theater


THIRD STORM - New Song Available - Debut Album 'The Grand Manifestation' in November

Swedish Metallers THIRD STORM have unleashed another new track of their upcoming debut full-length "The Grand Manifestation"!

"Forgotten Deity" is streaming now at this location: https://youtu.be/V9ElSdseeg8

"The Grand Manifestation" will be released on 9th November 2018 via Dark Descent Records and features a well-crafted blend of Black, Death, Doom and Thrash Metal. Brutality, heaviness, speed, melodies, chaos, doomy stuff, blast beats - everything excellently performed in its pure blackest form.

1. Prima Mobilae
2. As the Stars Watched the Birth of Eternity (https://youtu.be/PARq_eKUaYo)
3. The Third Thought From the Sun
4. Sapiens Fomulae
5. Through Eyes of the Omnipresent
6. Forgotten Deity
7. Gorakaathuar
8. In Wrath Enshrouded (https://youtu.be/vUeCkrB2pXg)

Heval Bozarslan: Vocals
David Eriksson: Guitars
Hasse Hansson: Guitars
Daniel Ekeroth: Bass
Alvaro Svanerö: Drums

www.facebook.com/thirdstorm / www.darkdescentrecords.com

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - 'Vast Oceans Lachrymose' Lineup To Embark On 'Farewell' European Dates

In early 2015, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT mainman Tom Phillips had to regrettably pull the plug on the band’s European tour in support of their latest studio album, “Suspended At Aphelion”. The decision led to Phillips’ unexpected retirement from the metal scene, effectively putting the revered doomsters on ice. However, Phillips and his bandmates have long sought to make amends to the European crowds who have so strongly backed WHILE HEAVEN WEPT over the years. Now, as 2018 draws to a close, the most recent incarnation of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT that started with 2009’s classic “Vast Oceans Lachrymose” will play its final shows together on a run of European dates that begins November 16 at Germany’s Hammer Of Doom festival.

“I agreed to do these shows to give everyone else — the band members, our fans, even myself some closure, especially since the last tour was cancelled,” says Phillips. “The other aspect is the circumstances and priorities of the musicians involved are simply not aligned with what an actively touring band requires anymore.”

The “Vast Oceans Lachrymose” lineup — rounded out by bassist Jim Hunter, vocalist Rain Irving, second guitarist Scott Loose, keyboardist/harmony vocalist Michelle Schrotz and drummer Trevor Schrotz — have been holed up in a Virginia rehearsal room putting together a setlist that is not only representative of the latest era of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, but the band’s storied past as well. According to Phillips, some of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT’s most memorable shows have taken place on European shores, including their 2010 appearance at Hammer Of Doom alongside Irish metallers PRIMORDIAL, which was not only Irving’s third show with the band, but also where the “Triumph: Tragedy: Transcendence” DVD/live album was recorded.

While these European dates signal the end for the “Vast Oceans Lachrymose” era of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, it does not mean the end for the band. Phillips says there is an entire album of unfinished material that sits between “Fear Of Infinity” and “Suspended At Aphelion” in which he may look to finalize at some point.

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT 2018 European tour dates:

November 16 – Hammer Of Doom, Würzburg, Germany
November 18 – Temple, Athens, Greece
November 24/25 – Dutch Doom Days, Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
December 7 – Under The Doom VI, LAV Lisboa ao Vivo, Lisbon, Portugal
December 8 – Madrid Is The Dark, Madrid, Spain

SULPHUR AEON - Album Cover & Video revealed

German Death Metal Giants SULPHUR AEON announce their new album!

"The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos" - to be released during winter's solstice, the 21st of December, 2018 via Ván Records on double vinyl record, compact disc and via the known digital channels.

And here's the 1st appetizer: https://youtu.be/yXr-8BUX4X0

"Yuggothian Spell" is the climax of Lovecraft's "Haunter of the Dark" set to music, as simple as that. Underlined by the song's constant change between storming riffs and an almost doomy pace, it represents the protagonists' descent into madness, in manic fear of what stares at him from the darkness of that ruined church, where he accidentally summoned the ancient evil, haunting him now.


Location: COLOGNE, Club Volta / Date: 22.12.2018

Presale Hardcover Ticket incl shipping: 15 EUR - https://www.van-records.de/product_info.php?products_id=3952

www.facebook.com/SulphurAeon / www.van-records.de

BLODARV - Veteran Danish Black Metallers sign to Soulseller Records

Danish Black Metallers BLODARV have inked a deal with Soulseller Records!

The band's upcoming full-length "The Illuminating Darkness" will be released in spring 2019 on CD, 12" Vinyl and digital formats.

BLODARV recently gave an insight about what to expect from the album by premiering the track “A Dark Trail Of Death" which is available at the following locations.

Bandcamp: http://www.blodarv.bandcamp.com/track/a-dark-trail-of-death
Youtube: https://youtu.be/eMU5XMwyc28
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/blodarv/a-dark-trail-of-death/s-FjszF

More info about "The Illuminating Darkness" will be available soon!

www.blodarv.net / www.soulsellerrecords.com

ORGANIC - New song 'From Beyond' available

South Tyrol based Death Metallers ORGANIC have unleashed another track of their upcoming debut full-length "Carved In Flesh"!

"From Beyond" is streaming now at these locations: https://youtu.be/C9q94z-Wgzw & https://testimonyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/organic-carved-in-flesh

"Carved In Flesh" will be released via Testimony Records on 16th November 2018 on Digipack-CD (limited to 500 copies, handnumbered), Tape, limited LP including 2 bonustracks (100 x transparent blood red, 200 x black) and in digital versions. It was recorded and mixed at Sound Control Studio with Lukas Flarer.

Formed back in 2013, ORGANIC are offering a totally crushing HM2 old school sound with buzzing chainsaw riffs and destructive grooves in the vein of early 90s classics such as Dismember’s "Indecent and Obscene" or Grave’s "You’ll Never See".

1. Suffocate In Blood
2. Shrouded In Darkness
3. Frozen Meat Medal
4. Macabre Rites
5. Der Fotzenknecht
6. I, Soulless
7. Carved In Flesh
8. Carnal Absolution (Behind The Altar)
9. From Beyond
10. Death Battalion (Vinyl Bonustrack)
11. The Result Is To Collapse (Vinyl Bonustrack)

www.facebook.com/organicdeathmetal / www.facebook.com/testimonyrecords

KOMODOR - Debut EP announcement

Do you wanna have a good time? Are you ready to rumble? Back from the 70's, here we are!

Soulseller Records is proud to announce the signing of French psychedelic rockers KOMODOR!

Their first release, a self-titled mini album, will be published on 11th January 2019 on CD, 12'' LP and in digital formats.

It features guest appearances by the entire BLUES PILLS band, whose bassist Zack Anderson even recorded the four songs. Inspired by MC5, James Gang, Grand Funk Railroad and many more, KOMODOR invites you to their journey through rock'n'roll!

Check out a first little teaser at this location: https://youtu.be/L6VAd755ljY

1. Still The Same
2. Join The Band
3. Nasty Habits
4. 1984

www.facebook.com/KOMODORBAND / www.soulsellerrecords.com

ICHOR - New Album 'Hadal Ascending' - Details revealed

Ghouls and Gorgons! Sirens are calling!

German Death Metallers ICHOR return with their fourth full-length entitled "Hadal Ascending"! The album will be released on 7th December 2018 via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork (CD, digital) and Wooaaargh Records (vinyl).

"Hadal Ascending" delivers ICHOR’s known blend of US Death Metal influenced guitar work and freezing cold Black Metal parts, yet offers more variation and dynamics then ever before.

Thematically it links to the band’s previous albums "Benthic Horizon" and "Depths" as the fictional story of a devastated and hate-filled deep-sea world full of creatures and mystical beings continues.

"Hadal Ascending" was recorded, mixed and mastered in Hertz Studio / Poland (Behemoth, Hate, Decapitated, Vader). The cover artwork was painted by Par Olofsson (Aborted, The Faceless, Immortal) and Mentalporn (Origin, Immolation, Hate, Behemoth) graced the album with an elaborate layout.

Check out the first track "In Ecstasy" at this location: https://youtu.be/OGji3WUhWWE

1. Paradise Or Perdition
2. Tales From The Depths
3. Black Incantation
4. In Ecstasy
5. A Glowing In The Dark
6. Black Dragons
7. Architect Of The Portal
8. The March
9. Children Of The Sea
10. Conquering The Stars

www.facebook.com/ichorofficial / www.ucdeath.com / www.wooaaargh.com
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