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GENERAL CHAOS – first impressions from the recordings

The amazing GENERAL CHAOS has called from the studio and also sent some first impressions of the killer riffings and the recording session for his second full-length album, which should be coming still in 2013.

The name of this upcoming fist-in-face album will be “Passage To Mayhem” and besides the short teaser clip from the studio, which can be checked here, you can also check some paparazzi pix from the depths of the studio hell in which our mighty GENERAL is massively chilling and thrilling right now: Pix - Studio 2013 Drums / Pix - Studio 2013 Guitars

Pulverised Records - New signing: DENIAL

The catacombs are now once again unearthed; the Mexican barbarous Death Metallers DENIAL is the newest addition to the Pulverised Records roster!

Four years since the band's debut full-length record "Catacombs Of The Grotesque" was released and to critically acclaim, received a decent underground following with their trademark gargantuan down-tuned guitars and unorthodox morbid Death Metal torment, leaving only a blood trail and decimating everything in its path.

DENIAL is currently in the midst of recording two new tracks for a 7" EP release, after which the band will fully focus on writing brand new material for the upcoming second full-length album.

In an official statement from the band concerning the signing: "We are proud to have always worked with professional labels and real supporters of this rites of the obscure. With Pulverised Records, we now step into a cavernous deep, bestowing us with more flesh and blood to perform ghastly and unaltered invocations to those who have been lost for centuries..."

Pulverised Records label manager Roy Yeo commented: "Having heard the "Catacombs Of The Grotesque" album a couple of years back, we knew DENIAL had something really special going on. Their rancid stench of Death Metal was something that we felt would belong perfectly in our niche roster. We are extremely ecstatic to have sealed the new album deal with them, and we cannot wait to hear more atrocity from DENIAL!"


EREB ALTOR: New song unveiled

Three weeks before the release of “Fire Meets Ice” EREB ALTOR unveil another new song called “My Ravens”. Check out the song and all necessary information for pre-ordering the album here: erebaltor.businesscatalyst.com

As previously reported Sweden’s EREB ALTOR recently finished the recordings for their fourth studio album, “Fire Meets Ice”. The album was recorded and mixed at Studio Apocalypse by Jonas Lindström in spring 2013 and delivers once more pure Epic Black/Doom metal to carry on Quorthon’s spirit! “Fire Meets Ice” will be released 26th July via Cyclone Empire, available as CD and ltd. LP.


1. Fire Meets Ice
2. The Chosen Ones
3. Nifelheim
4. My Ravens
5. Sacrifice
6. Helheimsfärd
7. The Deceiver Shall Repent
8. Post Ragnarök
9. Our Legacy

www.erebaltor.com / www.facebook.com/ErebAltorOfficial

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