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Ván Records
December 2015
Distribution: Soulfood


Ván Records proudly presents the new album of SALIGIA! Outstanding black metal art from Trondheim, Norway!

SALIGIA manifested itself in the late shadows of 2006, as a vessel to explore and expand upon thoughts and images within and around its conceiver. SALIGIA is to be ever-growing and ever-expanding in all ways, and there shall be no limit or constrain that is not of its members will. An early constellation of Ahzari (voices & strings) and a drummer recorded 2 rehearsal demos, titled simply "Rehearsal '07" and "Seven". In late 2008, Malach Adonai stepped up on drums and the rehearsals and finishing touches for the debut album "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" commenced. After time and consideration, Ahzari and Adonai found it best to part ways in the context of this musickal entity, to gain focus and structure to each their own. Vegard M. Berg, originally approached as a possible live drummer, agreed to take over the position, and the work went on. The "Lvx Aeternae" EP had been brewing slowly since 2009 and was polished into its shining shape in the end of 2012, and recorded at the dark dawn of 2013, released in May/June of that year. After this, Ahzari and V. delved into the next work that had been brewing in the subconscious in a hazy form. New ideas took shape as something that would prove to be very different than the work before, and these ideas would eventually take shape as the self-proclaimed magnum opus "Fønix". A longer, yet relaxed recording process of almost half a year allowed to really feel the album grow into its own.


1. Fire: Tear Apart the Veil
2. Revelation: A Sign Reveals
3. Abyss: In Darkness Forge Alight
4. Voices: Her Hidden Darkness
5. Fønix: Flame Coronation

the hard side of life
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