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Go Fuck Yourself Productions


TURBOCHARGED is by no means a new band in the scene despite years of struggle in total obscurity. Spawned in 2000 as a trio the band recorded a few demos that were never released to the public and after years with different members and constellations they went full circle into a trio again in 2008. That’s when things fell into place. After releasing two demos, “Branded forever” (2008) and “Arrogantus Metallus” (2009), they were approached by Polish indie label Hellrocker Records who released their debut album “AntiXtian” as a vinyl edition in only 300 copies (2010). Before the vinyl even was released, Mexican label Chaos Records got in touch with a deal for the CD version of the album and in 2011 both digital and analogue versions were in rotation. In 2012 the band released a Mini-CD entitled “Christ Zero” which never really got much attention and probably should be seen as a semi-obscure release by now. In 2013 the “Area 666” album was released on CD by Chaos Records and spawned the band’s “Horn over Europe” tour and in the backdraft of that they joined forces with German label Go Fuck Yourself Productions and the LP/MC version of “Area 666” saw the light of day.

Now the band hits 2015 big time with a new album entitled “Militant” which is a massive dose of deathpunk metal with an old school feel to it. In September/October TURBOCHARGED will hit the European roads again on the “Desecration Commando” tour alongside Violentor (Italy) and Slaughtbbath (Chile).


1. Dark Era
2. Aura Of Flies
3. Popecleaver
4. Where The Sodomites Never Burned
5. Demonization
6. Dead Flesh Monument
7. Massive Worldwide Armageddon
8. Militant
9. Battered And Crucified
10. Extreme Dechristianization
11. Blood Red Rain (Over The White Plains Of Heaven)
12. Left Hand Psychopath


Ronnie Ripper - Bass/Lead Throat
Freddie Fister - Drums/Throat
Old Nick - Guitars

the hard side of life
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