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Hell Machine
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High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


Swedish hopefuls Screamer started out in Ljungby, Småland, in early 2009, with Christoffer Svensson (bass/vocals), Martin Hallberg (guitars), Anton Fingal (guitars) and Henrik Petersson (drums). In 2011, they released their debut album »Adrenaline Distractions« for High Roller Records. The record received rave reviews all over the world. After a European tour (“The 'Full Pull Tour”) along with Swedish friends Bullet and 77 from Spain in autumn 2012, Screamer recorded their second album "Phoenix", which was even better received than the debut.

Now, in early 2017, after a few line-up re-shuffles, it’s time for the band’s “difficult third album”, entitled "Hell Machine". With singer Andreas Wikström (originally hailing from Umeå in the far north of Sweden) and bassist Fredrik Svensson Carlström (from Falköping) two new guys have entered the Screamer fold.

This infusion of new blood has rekindled the enthusiasm within the band. Drummer Henrik Petersson can’t hide his joy about how the new album turned out: “The song ‘On My Way’ is probably one of the strongest songs we’ve ever made, along with ‘Monte Carlo Nights’, which we’re pretty sure will satisfy every fan of the band out there. But the most epic piece we’ve ever written must be ‘Lady Of The Night’! ‘Hell Machine’, the title track, on the other hand, is pure heavy metal euphoria. I can go on and list every track of the album here, that’s how proud we are of this album!”So, after all, maybe Screamer are on their way to reach that “next level” with their new record "Hell Machine". In 2014, they already got a taste of what it’s like to stand on a gigantic stage and play to 8,000+ ecstatic headbangers when appearing at the prestigious Rock Hard open air festival. Henrik Petersson gleams: “Rock Hard Festival was insane. And so was the heat there – ha, ha! The summer of 2014 was amazing to us, with Rock Hard Festival, Summerbreeze, Muskelrock, Metal Magic and Metal Frenzy, to name just a few. We can’t really wait to get back on the festival stages in 2017!”


1. Alive
2. On My Way
3. Hell Machine
4. Lady Of The Night
5. Warrior
6. Denim And Leather
7. Monte Carlo Nights
8. The Punishment


Andreas Wikström - Vocals
Anton Fingal - Guitar
Dejan Rosić - Guitar
Fredrik Svensson - Bass
Henrik Petersson - Drums

the hard side of life
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