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Sweet Poison
Angst Skvadron


Agonia Records / Twilight
February 2010


After the unconventional debut of 'Flukt' the Norwegian quintet ANGST SKVADRON is ready to serve it's second psychodeclic dish. The new album is complete and ready to shock, so keep your ears and eyes opened for an inspiring bunch of rock/alien and metal influenced tunes! Get a brighter look over the black of metal.

The music of Angst Skvadron is as alien to the ears of man as landscapes of mars is to the eyes of the ape. Musically a.s. combines the eerie notes of the 70`s prog rock and metal scene from bands like Yes and Black Sabbath. You will also find a heavy dose of the early disharmonic tunes of the 90`s Black Metal scene. This is probably how the lullabies of the extra terresrrial`s sound like... pretty damned strange!!!


1. Valium Holocaust
2. Aerophobia
3. Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome
4. Dolcontine Blues
5. Fucking Karma
6. The U.F.O. Is Leaving
7. Rivotril Matja
8. We Miss Them
9. The Eyes Among Stars
10. Sweet Poison

the hard side of life
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