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Back To The Mausoleum (EP)


War Anthem Records
Distribution: Soulfood (GER, AT, Benelux, Spain, Italy), Season Of Mist (France), Code7 (UK), Non Stop (CH)


Spanish Death Metallers GRAVEYARD return with a new EP! To celebrate 10 years of madness, sonic debauchery and total Death Metal worship, GRAVEYARD decided that it was time to go back to the ‘House of Death / Mountains of Madness’ (a filthy garage up in the Castelldefels mountains), bring a trailer of equipment (and beers) and try to do something similar to their first ever demo "Into The Mausoleum", which was recorded right there shortly after the band's formation back in the day.
"Back To The Mausoleum" will be released on 27th April 2018 via War Anthem Records on CD and Vinyl and features a cover artwork Matt "Putrid" Carr. It was entirely written, rehearsed and recorded at this infamous 'House of Death', while the fine tuning with overdubs, solos and vocals was done at Moontower Studios owned by guitarist Javi Félez.

"An Epiphany Of Retribution" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/-AFfRkRQbiM & Official Track Stream: https://soundcloud.com/war-anthem-records/graveyardes-an-epiphany-of-retribution


1. Scorched Earth
2. And The Shadow Came
3. Craving Cries I Breath
4. In Contemplation
5. An Epiphany Of Retribution


Javi - Guitars
Gusi - Drums
Julkarn - Bass & Vocals
Mark - Guitars
Fiar - Live vocals

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